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After the Sabbath



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a song from the past


woke this afternoon, drenched in sun
unprepared for happiness;
had gone to sleep half numb…
your voice unexpected… a technical snafu
the stubborn player’s persistence
had awakened me with you

and the song…
long ago etched in my mind
now interpreted with your great love…
immovable, I relished a taste of the sublime
as images tumbled across the plains
raindrops of enlightenment
holy words of prophesy,
a string of pearls in rhyme

blissfully, lying in my bed
the cat on my shoulder,
the two of us breathing together in time …
as an infinity of images streamed through my head
with life and its meanings entwined.

words resounding from history’s halls
forty some years already faded and bent
yet, remembering every nuance
and where every phrase would go
the illustrations like dew upon the grass
awakening new wonder with every image that passed
and a little dry humor, to assure me I was alive
like the birds in the chorus, singing
have faith, for you shall thrive
and though I was frozen in my place
for fear of losing our embrace,
no pain nor discomfort reduced my ecstasy
for all was well, as I heard tell, from your sweet lips
the intimate tale of our history

how long would it last, did it matter
how much joy might a body contain
while out for a break with effortless pleasure
the pulse in our veins like a metronome
thoughts and feelings recounted
your voice bringing it all back home
hadn’t our longings been fulfilled
and all our anxieties long been stilled
need it continue… did I still have the will
as I lay there in your arms so tight
and heard your sigh as life went by
till I whispered it’ll be all right.


a walk to the spring