I have worked at a number of different occupations, but spent most of my years in photography. I’ve enjoyed being a student all my life. I live in Jerusalem, Israel. Enjoy reading, writing, and translating. Spend much of my time with my cat, Nechama.

It is possible to reach me privately at humpict[at]gmail.com

With all due respect for the social niceties of the blogging community, I do not accept ‘awards’ of any kind. Thank you for respecting my wishes.


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  1. Thanks for the comment, I greatly enjoyed your writing and your pictures. As I Global Studies student I am intrigued by reading and learning of other cultures. I look forward to following your blog.

  2. I shall enjoy reading your blog. I too have a cat – a great companion – he’s called Scrumpy.

  3. Nice to find your blog..

  4. I came by your blog via Vikram Roy. I am still discovering the connecting possibilities of WordPress. I look forward to reading your entries because like you I treasure moments of genuineness that sometimes arise from “meeting” others, especially others of a different culture and geography. I am a photographer, too but my love for words long antedated my love for images. Images are almost a correcting force for me to achieve better balance.

  5. I am an aspiring photographer and a student. I have enjoyed your blog and thank you for sharing your beautiful life with us.

  6. I have signed up to follow your blog..Though many of us are worlds apart in distance it is wonderful to gain knowledge of other lifestyles and look at what you see through the lens of your camera.

  7. Thanks so much for the visit and comments on my blog, they are very much appreciated.

  8. Hello, Shimonz, how nice to meet with you. Thank you for visiting my blog and also for your nice comment. You are so nice. Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

  9. Thanks for all your nice comments! I look forward to reading more from you!

  10. Wishing you well, Sir … for today and always … your writings bring instant peace to my soul, Sir … wishing you well … Love, c.

  11. Shimon,

    I am always writing tongue-in-cheek posts. The one on the “Shekinah” etching is a serious one.. Could I ask you to write a piece on the meaning of Shekinah? I apologize for asking indirectly via the post. I would be grateful for the benefit of your explanation.

    Thank you,


  12. Thank you for following my blog, Shimonz, I hope you will enjoy my pictures. Your blog is different to others I’ve encountered, and I’m interested to see more of it. FATman

  13. The more I drive into your wrods, the more depth and wisdom I find. I am glad to also find your blog and read your perspective of live here and through the stories you tell. I thing the photos of you with the little shot glass of jack are great too. (P.S. I agree about the awards thing… just recently found out how much of a burden those little wordpress “chain letters” can become. )

  14. I have nominated you for the versatile blogger award, if you wish to accept this award have a look at my post on how to accept it 😀



    • Thank you very much for your kind gesture, M. As I mentioned on this very page, I do not accepts any awards. There are many reasons why, and I have written about it in the past. But perhaps, more than anything else, I am too independent to follow anyone’s instructions, as to what to do after receiving the award. With best wishes, ShimonZ

  15. Hi Shimon, I completely understand. It just felt wrong leaving you out of the 15 I nominated since I really enjoy reading your blog and because I hope it will get you more views 🙂 And to be honest this was the first time I accepted this and it will be the last time since I thought it took me too much time, haha.

  16. Thank you for following my blog. I began to follow yours, I thought, but didn’t get email notifications of your last two posts. I’ll have to unfollow and click follow again to hope that works. But, at any rate, I am so glad that I have found your blog.

    • It’s possible to follow a blog, and not get email notification. Then you just see the blog in your ‘read’ section of wordpress. If you want to get notification, you have to either click on the button on the person’s blog, or signify that that is what you want in the box next to their name on your read section.

  17. Hello, it is nice to meet you 🙂 I am following your blog. I am an avid reader, a poet and a travel enthusiast. I am an indie author and I write about celebration of life and why life is a gift to all of us. You are a lot experienced and wise in this aspect. I am only starting to realize life’s lessons. I have written an ebook : 12 Precious Anecdotes from Life and it is released in Amazon http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0087OXSS2 I could connect with the blog posts you have written and the title of your blog, so I am mentioning my book to you. If you have some time, you are most welcome to have a look at my blog and the book synopsis and the book links I have posted there. Have a nice day! Thank you 🙂

  18. Hi, have mentioned you here http://bodhisattvaintraining.wordpress.com/an-award-passing-it-on

    I see it as more about letting others know about your blog since I enjoy it 🙂
    Hope you’re ok with that..

  19. Thanks for going through my poems, and I hope you liked what you’ve read…:)
    You are inspiration..:)
    I love the facts you shared about yourself…
    Keep on writing…:)

  20. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking one of the posts

  21. Hello Shimon, I was very pleased to make your aquaintance thru our blogs, and I appreciated your kind comments greatly. I have added your blog to my reader, and I lookvery much forward to getting to know you better thru your writing. I share your love of cats, as you noted from my post yesterday, I think they add much to the quality of our lives. How old is Nechama? How did she come to live with you?

  22. fivereflections

    Happy July

  23. I am happy to have come upon your blog. I like it & suspect you, as well. I love cats & have 3 cat friends currently, as you will see on my blog. My personal reading is just that, and not shared openly. I do share some of that side of me in my messages and posts, however. Your blog is wonderful. Thank you.

  24. Thanks for stopping and leaving a comment. You sound like a man of great wisdom from what I’ve read so far and your pictures are wonderfully fitting for the words you have written.

  25. Hello Shimonz. I’ve just recently started my own blog: thinkingsinglemum.com . It took so many attempts for the words to come out unfettered by angles and styles; I’m a writer doing a mixture of journalistic work in NZ. One always has the publication in mind you see, and it shapes the piece. When it came to blogging I realised the only framework was that of my own thoughts. I was lost in a desert of choice. But reading your blog for the first time has taught me that the heart can guide the inner voice quite sufficiently. Your blog is a refreshing and quiet reminder to simply write from the heart. Thank you.

  26. loved your blog and i know i will learn a lot from you..

  27. Really enjoy your blog, and thanks for your kind recommendations. I plan, if finances allow, to major in sociology. I’d thoroughly enjoy to one day change the way people view things, until then, I will follow the advice of a significantly wiser person, and learn all that I can. Thank you.

  28. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m currently majoring in religion at a university in Southern California and looking to study mysticism and the kabbalah in graduate school. I was raised Reform though as I express in my blog, don’t always feel at home in that particular sect; unfortunately, I have found it to be a challenge to fit into other sects at this time.
    What is the Reform community like in most parts of Israel? I’ve heard they are more traditional, I suppose an element I’m not finding in Reform shuls in my area.
    Also, do you have any resources for a more accurate portrayal of the Hassidim?
    I appreciate you taking time to answer a few questions. Do you have an email address/way of contact that is more private? I have some other questions that I don’t want to post publicly.

  29. How do you pronounce your cat’s name? I spend most of my time with my cats too. Look at that… something in common.

    • Nechama has a sound that English people don’t use. Ne sounds like those letters in ‘never’. The ‘ch’ sounds like the x in the way Spanish people say Mexico. Then the first ‘a’ sounds like ah, and the ‘ma’ like mu in multiple. The name means consolation. And yes, people who live with cats do have something in common. Looking forward to getting to know you better.

      • Thank you for the thourough pronunciation guide. What an appropriate name for an animal that is so independent. Looking forward to getting to know you as well Shimon.

  30. Hi Shimon. I have invited you to join the Ligo Circle of Appreciation. This isn’t an award, just a way of acknowledging and appreciating the work of others. It is of course entirely up to you as to whether you accept the invitation.
    The Ligo Circle is based on a Latvian custom which I rather like the idea of. See http://www.cornwallphotographic.com/2012/10/15/helman-tor-and-the-ligo-circle-of-appreciation/

  31. I’ve stumbled onto your blog and find you most interesting…and I admire your pictures (and your cat). I have a gorgeous ‘Rag Doll’ cat that we adopted from a foster cat home! She is a most wonderful companion…much like yours is to you. I am looking forward to your return…very nice blog! (my blog is: http://www.vascasbalancedheart.blogspot.com

    • It’s a real pleasure to meet you, Vasca. I have just come back to my normal life, after a rather difficult time of stormy adventures. Your cat does look gorgeous, and I can appreciate what a friend a cat can be. I am getting to know your blog too, and you sound like a very positive person. It must have been fascinating to spend that time in Ethiopia, and I’m very glad that you had the opportunity to get a good impression of Israelis.

  32. My husband was the port commander in Massawa, Ethiopia two years prior to the ouster of Haille Selassie. Some of his very good friends in Massawa were from Israel…nice people.

  33. You’ve got a very interesting blog!

  34. Thank you for your beautiful photograph…the light…I wish you a very happy and peaceful Hunukkah, Shimon.

  35. Thank you for sharing your life and culture with us, we are richer for it.
    Blessings! שָׁלוֹם עֲלֵיכֶם

  36. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    I agree with 1EarthUnited that we are indeed richer for reading you, Shimon.

    I’ve come by to see where you’re at in this Christmas “season”, but you must be busy for now. So happy new year, I do wish you, and I look forward to reading you further.

    Blessings 🙂

  37. simonsundarajkeun

    I enjoy reading you post and you have great photographs too. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  38. thank you for your interesting comments, for example at
    I tried to give an answer there …

  39. as you wrote: “…the whole world is connecting, and what was once as far away as another planet, is now part of the global village. I am constantly amazed…”

  40. hi Shimon, because you are living in Jerusalem: maybe you have interest in my article featuring a photographer there:

  41. So glad to have found you and your beautiful work.

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  43. I’ve set a link to you at
    inspired by the dangling legs of your cat…

  44. I had been wondering why you weren’t posting, and then today saw frizztext’s comment to you on his site. I don’t know how, but you fell off my follow list. I have some catching up to do!

  45. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Enjoying yours…. I would love to go to Jerusalem some day. In the meantime I get to learn about so many places through my little blog world. Thanks…

  46. I appreciate your follow so much. Yes, there’s your photography, and your thoughts about that, but more so, as you say, there’s the human picture that blossoms from your blog, so many miles away, and in such a different landscape. You enrich many people. Thank you! The recent photo of Nachama on the log does indeed look very spring-like.

  47. Thank you for visiting my blog. I love my cat too !( There is a picture of her on my wildlife page)


    Thank You for visiting American Male I hope come back and visit again soon!

  49. Ahh looking through your blog makes me miss home. Although I am raised in the US, I lived in the Geula section of Yerushalym for 2 years. My sister made aliyah 10 years ago and I still feel like Eretz Yisroel is my home. I am so enjoying your blog, and am glad that I found it “by accident” Todah Rabah!

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  51. Hi ShimonZ, I love your blog and appreciate the work you put into sharing your journey with us! I hope to visit Israel the homeland of some of my ancestors soon but until then your posts let me see a side of it rarelky if ever depicted…again thank you!

  52. Just letting you now that I’m thinking of you on this day … and a greeting to you through pop music. http://youtu.be/WAbTDHblxFM

    • Usually I have very little patience for pop music. But I have to thank you, Frank, you found something I could relate to. Thank you very much for taking the trouble.

  53. I am being blessed by your journey of light…thank you.

  54. happy Hanukkah, Mr. Shimon.

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  56. Your blog is my journey back to Israel. Thank you for the joy.

  57. Dear ShimonZ. Thank you for visiting my very secular blog. It made me smile that of the six posts WordPress says were viewed today in Israel (presumably by you, as I have no other connections in that country who are aware of my blog) — the one you “liked” was titled “Lust.” Good! As I said in the post, the young don’t understand that about the old. (They think desire belongs only to them. Of course it doesn’t.) I have very much enjoyed following your posts as well. As “thesaintgermain” commented above, your blog is “my journey back to Israel.” I was there only once, for two weeks in the summer of 1993, when I visited an old college friend who had moved with her husband from Pittsburgh — but your photographs suggest that not much has visually changed. Come for another visit when the spirit so moves you. You will always be welcome.

    • Hi there Nina. Yes, I am the fellow from Israel who read a few of your blog posts and was very favorably impressed. I like your point of view, and enjoyed listening to what you have to say. And as for lust, many of us have experienced it, but only a few have been able to discuss it intelligently, in my opinion. So I did enjoy that post especially. The year of ’93 doesn’t seem so long ago to me… but still, there have been many changes. Very glad you had an opportunity to visit our country, and I hope that this blog brings back some good memories.

  58. I love Jerusalem! It’s great to find your blog. It looks very interesting. 🙂

  59. While growing up, I often wished for grandparents, for I wished to be shown wisdom and beauty in the stories that they tell. I find your blog to be a treasure chest of these.

  60. Please know that there are many of us that hold you and those in your country with genuine concern and care in our thoughts and hearts…Life on earth appears bleak but we must keep a song in our hearts, even if we have to sing or whistle with the sparrows. There is beauty somewhere in the midst of the chaos………..

  61. Shimonz…my heart aches for you and God’s people. I pray the bitterness you express will once again leave your heart, replaced with hope for the future. God remains in control as always…I pray for mankind and goodness replacing hatred and evil. Be strong and may your spirit be lifted in His love.

  62. Just saying hello, Shimon. And that I think of you.

  63. Shimonz, please know you are in our hearts and our prayers. I think about you often, wondering how you and your family are faring. Thank you for your thoughts and perspective. Like others, my heart aches. Blessings.

  64. to be silent is one
    to defamation.
    – Buddha

    Shimon – ‘one response’ is the operative term. What’s another response? I can’t possibly imagine how you must feel. It must be awful where you are. But to sit cross legged with your eyes closed is wrong. It can’t possibly ;be doing you any good. The push for propaganda world wide is tremendous. You’re not going to change that, but for you to let the other side do all the running is wrong. Do please let us hear from you, Shimon.

  65. I love your animal portraits and she sheep in the desert particular

  66. Thanks, Shimon, for liking my blog “Politics and Salt Do Not Mix.” I look forward to following your comments.

  67. Shimon, we’re hoping to hear that you are doing well. Take care, Bill & Goddess

  68. Speak to us, please Shimon.

  69. Your photos are very sensitive.I like your portraits

  70. Very compelling photographs

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  72. Hello Shimon! I’ve decided to read and follow 15 interesting and new blogs a day every day for the first month of 2015, and yours is today’s #1! Feel free to come visit me when you can at http://www.thatssojacob.wordpress.com, and follow if you like what you read. Happy new year and happy blogging!

  73. I’ve just discovered your blog via your “like” of my Shvi’i shel Pesach post. What beautiful pictures you take and your posts are great! I love how you show Israel at its most beautiful and finest. I really ought to follow your example and post more positive pictures about our wonderful country (I’m in Petach Tikva). I do try and post a “Good News Friday” most Fridays. You’ve given me inspiration to post more.

  74. So grateful to Amy for sharing your blog. I look forward to reading more ~

  75. Very interesting blog!

  76. Love, respect and joy!

  77. Like is too weak a word for the pleasure I’m finding in your extraordinary blog. Perfection plus perception: what a recipe. Thank you.

  78. Hello ShimonZ. I’m impressed with your mastery of English, a second language though it may be. What must your Hebrew be like! I know nothing about life in Jerusalem and think your blog is a vital link with the rest of the world. (I do have a copy of Adin Steinsaltz’s Simple Words but he’s practically an American). I see you as a link in the chain that reveals India as Vikram Seth does in A suitable Boy, Japan as Tanazaki does in The Makioka Sisters and Portugal as Eça de Queirós does in The Maias. Perhaps you have a novel within you. If we can only listen to each other…if I may be personal, I think the sadness you express gives what you say great dignity. I’d like to hear more from you.

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