dear friend


to Nedra with love

It was half a lifetime ago
that we sat by your table on your front porch
it seemed then that we’d fulfilled all our goals
and our dreams had come true.
We discussed the problems of life
smiling and laughing in conversation
all the way through

We loved each other with all our hearts
though never knew each other in the biblical sense
you were my sister and I your brother
though we came from opposite sides of the world
I loved your parents as you loved mine
and we were never bothered by the time…

the hills and the valleys, the hard times and good…
we lived our lives the best way we could.
You, as light as an angel, walking through walls
stalking me in my territory…
as with heavy heart, I walked the study halls.
We found partners, had children, cooked meals…
working as we should; we tried to delight;
you taught me to laugh, you gave me new sight.

and life kept on going, each of us in his way
did we ever imagine that we’d get so gray?
the loss of you, has finally broken my heart…
could we have imagined that we’d fall (so) apart?

You’ve gone to your grave. I’ll soon go to mine.
And let us never be bothered by the passing of time.


27 responses to “dear friend

  1. Goodness, how beautiful, yet haunting. Such a moving

  2. I am sorry your friend has gone.

  3. Mourning with your loss.

  4. I am so sorry for your loss, but know that Nedra will be with you always. Janet x

  5. Dear Shimon,
    Thanks for sharing your heart, your passion for life and love of your friend through this lovely poem.
    With love,
    Vicky in Arizona

  6. So sorry for your loss. Thinking of you and her family and friends.

  7. Thankfulness for having had her friendship. Joy in remembering good times – and her comfort during the bad ones. Heartache to say good-bye. Yes, all these emotions came through. I’m sorry, Shimon, for the loss of your very special person.

  8. This reminds me of lonely footsteps down a long, marble hallway…I hear such deep echoes. I am so sorry you’ve lost the presence of one you loved so profoundly, Shimon. Gentle peace to your heart and spirit.

  9. Poignant. Bless you.

  10. Shimon, I am so very sorry. Much love to you, my friend.

  11. That photo is a winner, just like you and Nedra are. Even though she is gone, her spirit lives on in you and in all who knew her. This knowledge does not erase the deep pain and nostalgic disappointment that all things, we know but we don’t, must come to an end.

    I love your poem but I love the photo even more. May her memory be a blessing!

  12. Sorry for your loss, but what a wonderful relationship you experienced to have memories that will last the rest of your life.

  13. May the beauty of your love in friendship carry you all the days of your life. I am so very sorry for your loss..

  14. Beautiful poem, expressing how beautiful relationship… I am so sorry to hear your loss dear Shimon, memories never die… Love, nia

  15. So moving, so beautiful.
    A superb tribute to a very special person,
    Who, it is clear stays within you,
    And who, continues to walk with you.
    A friend who, has given you a very special gift;
    Her beautiful legacy.


  16. Dear Shimon, such beautiful words you have written- I am so sorry for the loss of this very special person and friend. May Nedra’s memory always be for a blessing.

  17. I’m so sorry that you’ve lost such a special person but I am happy that you had such a beautiful relationship. It’s a rare thing, yet you two shared that close bond. Count yourself fortunate for that! May peace find you and your thoughts and memories of Nedra.

  18. Such a tender, touching tribute to your friend, Shimon, and such a loving acknowledgement of the realities of life and death. Blessings to you as you grieve.

  19. It’s so difficult to “let go” the ones we love… this poem is the synthesis of the purest love… I’m sure Nedra would love it really much. Sometimes peoples “drops” in our life just for the time of a bus ride, a long haul flight, other for months or years… but each one of them stays for the eternity in the Akashic Memory of humankind. Each one of us is somehow connected to each other… we came from the same Source, even if we are different in our culture, skin color, language or if we belong to different countries. We are connected. We can consider that as a “gift” but very few do understand the purest meaning of it.
    Depending on her karma, Nedra may come back and you could have the opportunity to get to know her again, oh yes, that happens often. Never got a strange idea, meeting someone, that somehow you already have met this person before?
    But nobody can say with certitude. These are only suppositions, but I do like to think on them as possibilities… Hugs and love good Sabbath :-)claudine

  20. A wonderful, honest, and touching tribute to a friend … and an example of touching relationships that each of us encounter in our life. But this is also sorrowful because it’s a loss. My pleasant memories always make you smile. Thanks for sharing!!!

  21. Dearest Shimon, wrapping you in love for the passing of your dear friend , as this tears a hole in the fabric of your life. Nedra’s loving spirit lives on in your heart. Much love and hugs ❤ xXx

  22. So beautiful and sad.

  23. So sorry for you loss, Mr. Shimon. Hope your sweet memories with Nedra will comfort you.

  24. The thoughts of your lost friend will remain with you forever. It must have been a great relationship.

  25. What a touching tribute, and the ending is just right, because the relationship was, and is, beyond time.

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