corner Jaffa & King George



28 responses to “corner Jaffa & King George

  1. Lovely photo. I can’t help but wish spreading and sharing love were as easy as buying a helium balloon…

  2. Oblique love. What a lively shot!

  3. Great!….now I can give my photo of this edifice a more personal title.
    Thanks for this Shimon.

    Love the contrast of the love-filled foreground with daily street life.


  4. I’m delighted by these captured moments a half a world away.

  5. Even a little love can make a big difference.
    Perfect choice.

  6. It is bustling with life and love. The mural on the building what is painted on the wall?

  7. How appropriate that the heart-shaped sign of love is being displayed in what I read is called the Jerusalem Triangle: the heart of the new city center. I was curious about the mural on the building, and learned that it depicts a history of transportation in Jerusalem. It’s interesting that the mural was finished before the light rail train was in service — and I laughed to see a skateboarder included!

    Even in a city, love can prosper, in any number of ways.

    • I believe in our city there’s a lot of love… and was, long before we ever heard of Valentine”s day. But for me, this very ‘western’ gesture was a sign of globalization.

  8. Indeed…it is what endures

  9. Yes, but Maayan Shtub isn’t there anymore! Cheers.

    • You’re right Bumba, and I miss them. Don’t know when you were here exactly, but in the 60s there was a restaurant across the street on Jaffa that used to keep open on shabbes though it was strictly kosher (you bought tickets during the week). And I miss that restaurant even more, The city is certainly changing.

  10. This image made me smile … and the mural looks wonderful.

  11. I would like to be able to put the whole globe in a heart-shaped balloon…

  12. Ya, friend Shimon … Love always, cat.

  13. I trust you’re seeing and feeling plenty of love around you, Shimon!

  14. <3, Mr. Shimon. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you very much for your comment, Amy, though I must admit I don’t understand it completely. You see, I’m an old man, so the internet signs are not completely clear to me… but I understand there is a reference here to cats…

  15. Thanks for sharing the real world in your area. Looks like a busy street with signs everywhere.

    • This corner has a lot of history. It was one of the busiest corners in town when I was young, but over the years they’ve built a number of shopping centers, and spread the population a bit. This was where they put up the first electric traffic signal.

  16. Wonderful picture. The world needs more love and

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