17 responses to “serendipity

  1. Love these images, especially number three…..and what sort of a scull is that? Enjoy the day my friend. xx

  2. Good scenes from a life embraced.

  3. Is your first image of a well worn stone from the beach? I like the park- such pleasant surroundings. Shabbat Shalom Shimon

  4. Oh, goodness, an art fix, sweet children, and a dose of vicarious vitamin C! What a lovely treat…and I was musing on serendipity yesterday! Thank you, thank you, Shimon, for a delightful start to the day. Blessings on your Shabbat, and gentle peace.

  5. Serendipitous indeed! 🙂

  6. Beautiful and serene Shimon ….love , megxxx

  7. Serendipity if the perfect title for this collection. Personally, I liked the first pic because I caused a lot of wonder.

  8. How wonderfully whimsical.

  9. How lovely … even when you have nothing to say, you still manage to share some peace and tranquility with us. Your first photo (rocks) is very intriguing. I have a particular fondness for stones, and have managed to accidentally amass a rather generous collection of various shaped stones. I love their solid feel in my hands, and that they are (usually) cool to the touch, and how their layers are sometimes visible. Hope you have a good week. Hugs my friend. From Texas. Until next time, Nancy

  10. I’ve loved, and Used, that word from the very first time I heard it. Great photos. Would love to know about the first one.

  11. Oh! Marvelous stuff!!! Especially the stones, I really like the big one, it looks like a fish, the stone within the stone is wonderful!xxx

  12. What a charming series of photos, Shimon! It immediately lifted my spirits. I hope you are well!

  13. Very nice, Shimon…an essay for the eyes, imbued with peace. Thank you for sending them our way.

  14. Extraordinary stones, and the second shot has a truly tranquil feel to it

  15. Looks like a slice of life out of a kibbutz, Shimon! (The kids in the ‘gan’.. the chairs lying in wait on the lawn..that objet-trouve sculpture) Or is that somewhere in Jerusalem?

  16. You have a good sense of humor judging by these pictures.What a pain that you have given up your blog now.I like your style.

  17. It’s a pleasure to see your images.

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