human frailty

Charlie, contemplating human frailty

photo of the central bus station in Nahariya

there is no loneliness more painful than that in the company of your fellow man.


24 responses to “human frailty

  1. Hi dear Shimon, you know how much I love cats 🙂 Beautiful photographs. I hope and wish you to have a nice Friday and weekend, love, nia

  2. Good morning dear Shimon…..I love the photograph of Charlie…and give me a cat for company any time any place – always so fulfilling. I wish you a beautiful day and weekend. Janet. xx

  3. And there is the greatest joy in connection too, but yes, humans can be cruel/obtuse/unthinking/self-serving. And cats – well, they are just themselves. Take care, Shimon.

  4. Oh, how true…the proximity to companionship and community while still feeling excluded can be so very painful. Sometimes a smile or kind word can make all the difference…Gentle peace, and thank you for the reminder. I love both photos; they each offer such a complete world to ponder.

  5. Very profound; heartfelt.

    I was once offered a visit to Nahariya to buy coffee. 🙂

  6. Oy Vey,Shimon!You need to start a club for sad people who feel worse when they are with other people.[Russell had his paradox and I have mine.]

  7. Authors like cats because they are such quiet, lovable, wise creatures, and cats like authors for the same reasons.
    Robertson Davies.

    If our two Siamese have the look Charlie has – they have been up to mischief and hope we don’t notice 🙂


  8. Shabbat shalom to you and your beautiful cat 🙂

  9. What a lovely gentle cat that is. Often such great companionss

  10. Sometimes, depending on the crowd, it’s better to be alone.

  11. Very true, Shimon. Sometimes I would rather just be with my cats…

  12. Take care, Shimon. Stick with Charlie.

  13. Yes, Shimon, it is so true. Great photos. I really like the light shining in Naharyia and of course the lovely kitty. I have always loved the companionship of kitties and all of their unique personalities.

  14. Dear Shimon …blessings , love , megxxx

  15. Charlie is such a handsome chap! Superb photo Shimon!

  16. A beautiful cat. And I enjoyed spending some time mulling over in my head the strong truth of that statement.

  17. A provocative quotation, Shimon. I suspect this posting is far more than the whiskered head of your cat in meditation or a sparsely populated sunlit bus station.

    This post is not about a cat.
    It is about the most serious of circumstances–our connect or disconnect–in our world and among our fellow man.

    Your astute observation of the loneliness we feel even when surrounded by our own species (sometimes in mass) is one for further discussion. Why do we feel this disconnect? When do we feel it? Do we feel it among those who share similar values? In family?

    Shimon, thank you for your deep brevity.

  18. I’m with Charlie, trying to figure mankind out is beyond me, and yes, I’ve often felt alone in the company of my fellow man. xxx

  19. Very many years ago, I had a friend. One day, I realized I never felt alone when by myself, but I always felt alone when I was with the person. As difficult as it was, I ended the relationship, and it was the best thing I could have done. Now, I try to be sensitive to that feeling. Whenever I feel lonely, I don’t automatically assume it’s a shortcoming of my own.

  20. What a beautiful picture of a beautiful cat! He looks so much like my Caspurr, in contemplative mood.

  21. The photo of your beautiful Charlie is beautiful, Mr. Shimon. Very moving…

  22. Is this the lost tribe of Israel? Love the hats!
    This is the correct one as they have hats on and speak with a Hebrew acccent

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