the Sabbath approaches

Oh how beautiful it is in Jerusalem, as the Sabbath approaches, and each of us, in his own way prepares to welcome her, to embrace her, and accept her. Whatever we were doing all week comes to the end of the chapter. There is a break now. We are aware of time and a freedom that transcends most human affairs. But it is not all spiritual. There is bread and wine, and the finest delicacies prepared for the palate. And the song of one’s heart is translated to a song from the throat… welcome to the ear. Even when we are in mourning, there is a break for the Sabbath. The clothing is different, we wash ourselves, and reboot our minds, and bless our friends and ourselves… Sabbath be blessed, blessed be our children, blessed be our friends, blessed be our aged… blessed be the queen Sabbath.

an alley in Jerusalem


27 responses to “the Sabbath approaches

  1. great post, lovely picture.

  2. Good morning Shimon, I think this is wonderful and wish that we still recognised Sunday as a day of rest here….however, for so many it’s just business as usual…no break – no cleansing of the mind and body. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate your Sabbath….and I do love the photograph you have posted today. The little mural is perfect – and everything else about it.
    Thank you. Enjoy the beauty of it all. Janet. xx

  3. Have a happy sabbath. 👍

  4. Blessings to you, indeed, Shimon.

  5. Very nice.
    Like, “Reboot our minds”

  6. Very evocative Shimon, and very poetically written. Shabbat Shalom to you and yours.

  7. Lovely reminder Shimon and fascinating picture. I too leave the day to day behind once a week to dance my prayers in community. Some here call it “dance church”. It is a blessing to leave words behind and to fall into the rhythms of the world’s music. Happy Sabbath!

  8. Oh to someday embrace the opportunity to wander those allies. Thank you for sharing the beauty and the much needed reminder of the blessing of the Sabbath.

  9. We are blessed Shimon. Do we need more?

  10. I envy you your Sabbath-mind-body, Shimon! What a perfect expression of it here, encompassing the the whole and the essence.

  11. Thanks for the spiritual reminder. Blessing to you and yours, Shimon. And to everybody.

  12. Almost Biblical, Shimon. Thank you for speaking so beautifully.

  13. A wonderfully positive post. Thank you for sharing your feelings and thoughts, Shimon. Blessings.

  14. A very thoughtful post. Shabbat shalom.

    I am left reflecting upon the imprint of the juxtaposition of the African woman with her cooking utensil and the guy in W.European ‘whites’ wandering away up the path.

  15. You capture so profoundly and tenderly the way I feel about Sabbath, Shimon. I love all of your imagery, the verbal and photographic. Sabbath gives me hope regarding humans…We treat ourselves and others so shabbily, and behave so inauthentically, so often. But, on Sabbath, it feels like we drop the masks and shallow pursuits to rest in who we really are in God, and in companionship with self and other…My love to you and yours, always, Shimon.

  16. A gentle evocation of a very special time. So much in contrast to the frenetic time some people in Scotland seem to need, at this time.I could feel the wind, the heat, the dust, I could smell the bread, the flowers, and taste the wine. Thank you for this.

  17. Sabbath blessings indeed.

  18. As Viktor Frankl wrote, no one can take memory and internal ritual away from us .Our Sabbath Queen, she beckons us to quiet our minds, shoo all distraction from our hearts, and rest in God’s mystery. I’m hopeful that you will continue to write!

  19. A blessed Sabbath to you too Shimon.

  20. How beautifully you express your love for the sabbath, I loved this post! What a beautiful mural too. Here’s to love and

  21. Reboot our minds?Trendy,man.Love it.Lyricl

  22. I trust you had a good Sabbath Shimon. I hope for a good and peaceful week ahead for you and yours!

  23. Nice to read you again,Shimon.

  24. I am not orthodox, but my favourite time of the whole week is the half hour just before it’s time to light the Shabbat candles, when I know that all my preparations are done, the house is clean, the food is ready and the whole of Shabbat is before us. Then, I can stand at my living-room window and watch as the sun sets and Queen Shabbat arrives.

  25. Especially Shalom. Hope it lasts beyond the day.

  26. I love that your Sabbath is personified as a Queen. In so many of our Christian traditions, the day of rest is defined by rules, rather than by a loving relationship. Consequently, the impulse is to turn aside, to avoid a day of rest — interestingly, often called a day of “obligation.” I much prefer the beauty of a Sabbath that is desired and cherished, and that is as much a joy as any family member of good friend.

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