inside or outside 2




21 responses to “inside or outside 2

  1. Good morning, Shimon…..Personally, I will always opt for the outside….but then again, I do enjoy a good exhibition, especially if it’s not crowded as is the case in your photograph. A beautiful gallery.
    I think of you and sweet Nechama each day and send love in your direction…Janet. xx

  2. every seeing a photograph I always feel inside….//Ketut Rudi

  3. So pleased to see you.

    Shared interests, different perspectives, alternative connections.


  4. Good morning, Shimon. So good to see you again; I do hope all is well with you.

  5. Beautiful; I like both. 🙂 Have been thinking of you; sending love!

  6. Thinking of you dear Shimon …I would enjoy wandering into this gallery …love , megxxx

  7. So interesting how each photo suggests someone at prayer: one inside the cloister, one out. A beautiful pairing, Shimon, and one I’m happy to see, because I’m happy to see you.

  8. A bit of both, please. It’s lovely to see you, this morning, Shimon.

  9. My best to you, Shimon. I’ve been thinking about you and I’m glad to see your post. I love both…

  10. A bit of both…There’s a place called the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, not very far from where I live, and there are sculptures outdoor, in the fields, but also some indoor exhibition spaces. 🙂

  11. It really makes me want to be there, beautiful photographs! the exhibition also looks especially interesting.

  12. I enjoyed both pictures, but strangely, for me, prefered the indoor one, that lady is utterly charming and elegant.I did enjoy how women were contemplating the view in both.
    So glad to hear from you, you have been on my mind.I hope all is well with

  13. It is good to see you, in whatever capacity. During this time of year, I try to spend as much time as possible outside, when the weather is finally cooler. Thanks for popping in to say hello.

  14. It’s got to be both for me Shimon. What a lovely space! I hope all is well with you! All the best my friend!

  15. I prefer being outside but the gallery image is very fine… being inside a lovely space is good especially in winter.So I am glad you have got out if you took these recently

  16. I enjoy both equally!

  17. Both…….would love to see both……up front and personal.

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