islands in the raging sea


with violence erupting
from deranged, festering, unthinking minds…
thirsty for action in the Hollywood style
so like the action thrillers that perked them up
as they stared listlessly
at the silver screen… in the theater
or the computer screen alternative
to their meaningless existence.
rivers of blood and forbidden sex
as an antidote to boredom and insignificance
wishing for a moment of glory before sacrifice
empty moon faces lost in space
spastic hyper active bodies
distended from shallow minds
the Arab spring, they called it, a few years ago
you can find it on facebook, I’ve heard…

can it be…
that we, on our island of serenity
may still enjoy some peace of mind
in the light, filtered through fall leaves
chickens picking at grains of vegetation
in the gravel…
and the cats, leisurely in their presence
taking pleasure in life itself,
cleaning themselves from time to time
awake, aware, but calm
in the patches of sunshine between
the approaching rain clouds

islands in the raging sea
in the midst of the storm




33 responses to “islands in the raging sea

  1. When the world turns mad. Yet there is so much beauty in the everyday experience, so much to enjoy and grow from. You have captured this wretched dichotomy so well.

  2. Beauty and peace must always find a way to prevail, even if it’s hidden from the general view, for if they don’t, all is lost.

  3. It is so sad to read what is going on, Shimon. Stay well; stay safe.

  4. Nice one. I like the cat image.

  5. Beauty and peace I think only for beautiful eyes & hearts, as you dear Shimon. I am thinking of you, stay well and stay safe, Thank you, love, nia

  6. A well painted picture. I remind myself that there are more good people than those who choose evil. Prayers continuing.

  7. ” empty moon faces lost in space ” …your words strike in my heart Shimon …may sadness somehow find peace , thinking of you with love , megxxx

  8. Said so well, Shimon. As always.

  9. The madness seems, at times, to be rising. I wish the media didn’t make all its greedy wealth from sensationalizing and feeding the flames, but it does…so I look to my own islands of peace, and the islands of others, reach for them in my art and the art of others, love all I can while I can and pray for my friends in dark places, knowing the balance of light and dark will alter in our places, but believing that peace is our true home and trying hard to make it so. I send you love and prayers, Shimon, and hold you and your island in my heart. May it grow and grow. Gentle peace.

  10. can it be…
    that we, on our island of serenity
    may still enjoy some peace of mind
    in the light, filtered through fall leaves…

    Yes, it can be. It must be. There is more than rage, more than madness in this world, and we’re called to preserve it on behalf of a world that doesn’t yet know its need.

  11. The turn of the words twist and bow with those of voluminous waves, yet somehow, the daintiness of the the cats slide through them.

    Your metaphors are tremendously telling, Shimon.

  12. islands in the raging sea
    in the midst of the storm…………………..
    I hope you – and your country can find your own islands during these troubled times, my friend.

  13. Shimon my heart goes out to you and all the people of your country, every single day, and your post is brilliant.

  14. i have always liked your poetry very much since I first read it.

  15. A elegiac poem, Shimon, to be sure, one that captures the juxtaposition of builders and blamers. Here’s to your cats and chicken…surely the chickens prefer stones and knives, candestine. And here’s my own little ditty to add to the kitty:

    The Arab Spring sprung
    Not spring nor fall
    But a circumnavigation
    of really, nothing, at all.

    The Arab Spring coiled
    Not spring nor fall
    But a violent conflagration
    of nothing, that’s all.

    And so the nothing springs
    in violent acts of death
    And so the Arab world
    Remains largely, bereft.

    Shimon, thanks for continuing to write from your part of world. To me, your voice is most important. We, here, in the US are much like your chickens there…

  16. As always, I envy your ability with words. Stay healthy
    Be Safe!

  17. So awful what is happening in Israel now- stay safe Shimon and thank you for sharing lovely photos that speak of calm. Shabbat Shalom

  18. A line in a novel that I once tucked away somewhere in my subconscious comes to me when I read or hear about what is happening in the Middle East..[Israel] ‘A tiny oasis of civilisation in a barbarous world.’

  19. Sometimes the only thing that gives me courage is knowing that the birds are outside, waiting for their birdseed, or that the cat across the street will slide quietly towards me, nudging me just enough so that I can feel the silky soft fur of her rump, never quite getting close enough to pet, but still sometimes finding a way to connect, even if only for a moment.

    Today, for instance, I spent about fifteen minutes watching a large spider spin his web. So patiently, and methodically, and with such purpose. My niece wanted me to get a broom and wipe away all the spider’s hard work, but I explained that he seems to have found a comfortable spot, and I rather enjoy watching him work. We agreed to disagree. The spider kept spinning his web, and I was lucky enough to witness it. In fact, it might have been one of the highlights of my day. He’s always even more active at night, so I’ve made a date with him for later this evening, where he’ll allow me to rock quietly in my chair, watching him work his magic.

  20. We are for you Shimon ..may knowing this bring a sense of joy and peace to you..

  21. The world seems to descend into further madness, laughing at history and learning nothing. Humanity is becoming a commodity, if it hasn’t already. Pockets of beauty in wardrobes of horror. I pray that we learn, that peace prevails and the value of a child’s laugh becomes incalculably high – a price no one would pay for any reason.

  22. Thank you for these beautiful photographs and such eloquent words!

  23. Stay safe Shimon. We just returned from Israel. My son is still there and will be there for the next 2 years. He’s made the decision to volunteer as a lone soldier and we are very proud of him but we left with a heavy heart.

  24. Keep will Shimon and take care. Your words are very powerful.

  25. What a powerful, moving poem. You express your pain so well, and so terribly. Empty vessels filled with hatred, refusing to let that hatred go….there is a despair in trying to rationalise with those who will not listen.
    You are in my thoughts, and I hope with all my heart that you all get that peace and serenity. xxx

  26. And what’s going to be. Your eloquence and eye for beauty also persists amidst the insanity.

  27. You paint two very different pictures with your words and images. Within these words you have captured the madness of it all. Janet x

  28. We’re all human beings, in the end. A few are poets, and a few depraved child murderers too.

  29. A crazy world … and what has been happening in your country is disgusting. Cheers to your ways of finding peace in simple things – which we could all do!

  30. To see how our enemies are so appallingly inhuman compared to ourselves increases the sense of hopelessness about any possibility of a solution.And indeed some seem to come from a different era,less civilised than we have become.Time itself seems warped by a meeting between what we had imagined was appropriately past and what is now present, dramatically brought about by these senseless activities.A frightening , well portrayed glimpse of your suffering even as you search for and find a little peace with the cats

  31. …in the midst of the storm, eloquently described. A violent storm, sadly to say. Thank you for sharing a few peaceful moments, Mr. Shimon.

  32. I suppose we don’t realise how much we need the “social contract” and how easy it is for a group of people to disrupt life when the don’t accept that.It has happened her sometimes with gangs of very terrible criminals who, the police were afraid of.And for 30 years we had bombings by the IRA.But now we have the fear of Paris style attacks…ironic as in theory we should all be getting better at sharing the earth,But it’s not long since Christians were attacking Jews and so on…Is there indeed a death instinct as Freud wrote in his latter days?

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