Day Of Rage

Israel & Arabs

Today has been declared ‘Day Of Rage’ by the Moslem Arabs of Israel and Palestine. Last night they invaded a synagogue built next to the grave of Joseph, and burned it. I believe this was the third time this has happened. And why the rage? To protest the destruction of the Al Aqsa Mosque, built on Mount Moriah, the site of the ancient Temple of Israel. Of course, the mosque hasn’t been destroyed. Jewish leaders have assured the Arabs again and again, that no such thing is planned. The rights of all, to religious freedom, has been guaranteed for the last 48 years since Jerusalem was reunited. The second Intifada, also called the Al-Aqsa Intifada, 15 years ago, was started by the same sort of lies. 1,137 Israelis were killed and 8,341 were wounded, 80% of them civilians.


This time, it hasn’t gotten a name yet. We call it a wave of terror. We are told that the Pals who stab us suddenly on the street or in busses or trains are just individuals who are moved by nationalistic or religious sentiments… who are acting out their own private feelings, despair or frustration. Is that what’s really happening? I think differently. It all seems carefully orchestrated. Most of the attackers are young. A few of them have been girls. This is strange for the local Arab population. Usually they are very protective of their women. Women and girls are seldom found doing anything alone. They need their family’s permission to go out shopping. If they’re suspected of not being virgins when they get married, they’re killed. And this is called an ‘honor killing’.


To me it does look organized. And it does look like a war. Claudine wrote in a comment on my last post, “Right now, all over the middle east the situation is really terrible…” But wait a moment… Israel is unlike the rest of the middle east. Israel is a democracy. We have free speech. Arabs have more rights here than they have in any of the Arab countries. We have Moslem parliament members who help and aid our enemies, and shout lies from the podium… all of this protected by the right of free speech and parliamentary immunity. We have a female parliament member who actually joined a gang of terrorists on a boat which invaded Israeli sovereign waters. So this is not like Syria or Egypt, where the president gets 97% of the vote, and the government decides who can speak on the radio or TV. One has to wonder, how does a democratic society defend itself against hostile insurrections?


All over the world, there are minorities who do not enjoy sovereignty. I could make you a long list of such people, many of whom have claims no less convincing than the Palestinians. But in our case, the government has already agreed to help in the creation of a Palestine state. So what is preventing this from happening?


To begin with, The Pals want the separation their way. They want for there to be two states. In what will remain of Israel, Pals who are living here now would be allowed to continue to live here and enjoy all the advantages of our society. In the independent state alongside of it, to be called Palestine, all the Arabs living there would continue to live there, But all the Jews living there would be forced out. They want a state ‘clean of Jews’. Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? But the government of Israel actually agreed to such a separation. The Arabs demanded that their state be called the homeland of the Palestinians (there has never been an independent Palestinian state in history), but they object strenuously to Israel being called the homeland of the Jews, or a Jewish state. They really believe that Israel belongs to them. They’re just waiting to implement this at a later date.


Why doesn’t it happen already. Well, before Israel is willing to give them part of its land to declare statehood, there are two demands. One, that the Palestine State be demilitarized. And two, that they recognize Israel as the Jewish state. So far, they have absolutely refused both of these demands.


Right now, a majority of the murderers and attackers… those who have stabbed innocent civilians on the street, carry an Israeli ID card, and enjoy all the advantages available to the Jews. The conditions they enjoy are hard to believe. Aside from freedom which is unmatched in any of the Arab countries around us, they also benefit from the social security system here. That means that if a terrorist attacks innocent civilians, or blows up a bomb in the middle of the city, and is killed in the process, his widow and children will receive monthly support payments from social security. If he is injured in the attack, he will receive payments for the disabled for the rest of his life. If he is imprisoned, he will receive a regular salary from the Palestinian Authority, paid out of the moneys that the Pals get from donor countries all over the world, including many European countries.


I hear a constant stream of lies coming out of the Palestinian Authority. In the last two weeks 9 Jews were killed and 92 injured in attacks on the street and public transportation. In one day last week, there were more than 300 such attacks. Fortunately, not all are successful. The police have orders to shoot anyone seen assailing another with a knife. The Pal leaders don’t condemn the violence, but protest vehemently against the ‘excessive force’ of the police. In each case where a knife wielder was shot, the Pal leadership and their news media, have claimed that the assailant was an innocent victim of racism. For some years now, we have been accused of apartheid though everyone who lives here knows that Arabs enjoy the same services as Jews, graduate from our top Universities, and serve as doctors, lawyers, engineers and in many other high profile professions. It is considered well and good that an Arab live in my neighborhood, across the street from me, and go shopping in the same supermarket or department store. But woe to the Jew who might try to move into an Arab neighborhood. This is considered an unforgivable affront.


I had planned to write about some of my literary adventures. A much more personal post. But listening to the way the facts of what is going on here in Israel are distorted in the world’s news media, I feel that if I write anything at all, I must write the truth of what’s happening here and now. The photos shown here are of the rose garden opposite the Knesset, our parliament here in Jerusalem. I found comfort, walking there yesterday.

Shimon in the park – photo by Chana


23 responses to “Day Of Rage

  1. I read it on the internet, Shimon. Concerted attacks against Israel. But what has really changed? They have been attacking you all since day

  2. So sad. When will it ever end.
    Love the photo of you in the park. Very nice.

  3. Thank you for sharing this, Shimon. In the future, democracies may have to curtail freedom and liberality for all their citizens in order to protect themselves from terrorists and those who seek to destroy freedom and make everyone submit to their ideology. We are seeing it throughout the world, and it’s something we must resist.

  4. There are thousands of Syrians dying horrible deaths every day in the war there. Both hubs and I feel that the recent strategic provocations are an attempt to refocus the world media back to Hamas et al. The whole complicated sorry saga weighs heavy.

    Your pictures show little corners of peace and they are lovely. xx

  5. Thank you for facts and clarity, Shimon, and you are correct that, often, the media present such bits and pieces that full pictures are never offered. I am most happy to see you sitting in a park; I have worried for your safety and pray that this current up-rush of anger, violence, and terror resolve. Gentle peace…and, soon, a morning when the choice to pursue literary adventures is the right and joyful way to spend your energy.

  6. I was hoping you would share what was happening. Sad to know I’d no hope of hearing the truth from those who supposedly report unbiasedly. Thank you. I’m praying for Israel.

  7. Thank you for sharing Israel’s side to the world.
    תן שבת ותן שלום
    בעיר ירושליים

  8. I think Israel should have been set up in part of Europe like Germany to keep the Jews in Europe and punish Germany.Looking at that map it seem frightening to be surrounded by enemies and also why did nobody think of this in the 1940’s?When weapons of mass destruction are not around we can go to the kitchen and get a carving knife.Efectively there is no protection in the end just as a wife can be killed by a drunken husband in the kitchen,

    • Jo, the Jews returned to their ancestral homeland. That was one of the reasons for the formation of the State of Israel. Why would Jews want a homeland near Germany, the location of their extermination?

  9. What is the fruit? In the photo just before the one of you?
    I have such negative feelings aganst Muslems that I strongly recomment turning them into a glass parking lot. Such insane mentality has to be destroyed. Why would the Social Security System fund their insanity? Not even a little logical.

  10. Thank you for writing this and setting the record straight. We, across the ocean, don’t know what is going on. We only hear what is chosen for us to hear. I’m also glad that you were able to walk in the park and find a little pocket of peace to hold on to.

    Keep writing. Keep telling what is going on. Keep safe.

  11. A good friend of mine works in Jerusalem and I worry about her, and her children, all the time. And yet life goes on, in this very Israeli way, no matter what.

  12. Thanks for providing us with an antidote to the poisonous propaganda our newspapers feed us. Except for that cigarette in your left hand, (are you left handed, Shimon?) I also like that picture of you in the park.

  13. Where can one find comfort in such hostility and insanity? Perhaps just a moment’s reflection under a tree..Shalom..

  14. Dear Shimon, we all well know that the media’s are giving us distorted and puzzled informations… we all are aware that things aren’t getting better nor will this came to an end. Europe is brought to kneeling with the massive friendly invasion of the refugees and immigrants (and among them quite a lot of infiltrated terrorists). I don’t know if these informations arrives by the media with the right numbers… the numbers are huge and we are preoccupied by the terrorist cells which may attack any country! By now we opened our border to all of them (apart Hungary and some other country which are getting aggressive and terrified, and we can’t totally blame them…) We all feel the pressure. You show a map of the arabian countries around Israel… here you may see some analogy of Switzerland…

    and here we are a “democracy”, that’s right, but pressured (financially and economically) from the US in primis… and EU is getting a lot of money from our gouvernement in change of our “democratic freedom”.
    This is the bitter reality, under another scale, we feel “different” as well. We do have integrated (with the swiss citizenship and passport) hundred thousand of previous immigrants (who were escaping the Balkan war or the poverty from Italy, Spain, Portugal…). During the last couple decade, a massive request came from the eastern block, and it still growing. An incredible amount of political asylum seeker requests is foreseen for 2016 (30’000). There is a basic difference between refugee – asylum seeker and immigrant!

    Dear Shimon, I keep saying this over and over, we need a world with one only unified power… and this will be possible to reach only when spirituality will be completely different based on the banning of every dogma (and religious idolatry!) Will the buddhist philosophy be the rescue for humanity? I’m not a prophet nor a a clairvoyant… but I guess the answer is YES.
    I feel happy to see you on the bench, where it seems that time has stopped, in spite of the harsh reality of the present!
    Serenity Claudine

    • Didn’t you like my commenting? I’m very sorry you didn’t approve it… so I do deserve being censured. Sometimes, you’re right, you better not saying what you really think, and being transparent, this is in fact my bad habit… and when it matter religions or politics, is even worse. Please forgive me.
      May be peace within your heart. :-)claudine

      • Dear Claudine, I didn’t approve this comment at first, because it seemed inappropriate to compare the position of Switzerland surrounded by the countries of Europe, with what we are going through today. Perhaps if you had put up a map from the beginning of the 40s, with Nazi Germany right by your side, it might have been a more relevant comparison. But Europe is a collection of democratic countries very unlike the countries of the middle east. And for 100s of years it hasn’t been attacked. The citizens of Europe recognize the rights of individuals, and settle differences in courts. They don’t burn their own people alive, or drop gallons of benzine in the middle of a public square. It was hard for me to explain myself. I felt that you might not understand what I had to say about the self righteous poses of the Europeans and their frequent double standard, so I chose not to publish your comment, even though I respect your comments usually. Please forgive me.

  15. I have enjoyed your beautiful photographs which seem so peaceful despite the present situation. I also believe that these attacks are the result of a wider scheme maybe ( partially ) also because Israel will soon become 70 years old and this small detail might offend some fanatics on top of their usual lack of reason. Considering the incredible generosity of the state through truly democratic measures and services, the Palestinian reaction can only be qualified of insane and bears absolutely no ground in my opinion. But how can we convince the rest of the world? this remains the true question.

  16. I fear the elephant in the room isn’t being addressed. Israel cannot afford to keep sending it’s children to war. On the other hand, if this mess can get sorted out and Palestinians get busy with the business of life, their birthrates should drop as their standards of living go up. I’m not too hopeful about this happening any time soon though.

  17. The British split off Jordan from Palestine i during the Mandate.,I recall.
    And The British said no Jews could live there whereas at that time the Arabs [or whatever they are called] did not mind.So that probably contributed to the current situation where you mention Jews won’t be able to live in an Arab Palestine.But would they want to,I wonder,since they prefer their own state.

  18. Dear Shimon ….I did not know all that you write about , because of you , I care to understand the truth of your life and your country … to be able to find some comfort in that beautiful rose garden must be to touch the Divine even amidst the ” wave of terror ” …I send tenderness from my heart to you dear friend and to your family …love , megxxx

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