Heaven’s Roots





24 responses to “Heaven’s Roots

  1. so touching dear Shimon… I don’t know the story of them but nature cries under these stones, concretes… Your photographs hit. Thank you, but you are silent today 🙂 I am used to hear you more than this… I hope and wish you are fine. Have a nice weekend, love, nia

    • Thank you very much for your comment, my dear Nia. And this gives me the opportunity to tell you, and whoever may look here, that I’m doing just fine. I thought it would be best to let the pictures speak for themselves. That’s the way I feel about poetry… that talking about it only distracts. And I see this series as a sort of visual poetry. So I’ve presented them without words. And leave the words to my friends if they wish. My best wishes to you.

  2. I can understand dear Shimon. But let me add this too, you are one of beautiful writer who I love to follow and read… I miss your stories, your wisely weaved stories… I am so glad to hear that everything is fine there. Blessing and Happiness. You are welcome and Thanks too. Love, nia

  3. Your silence speaks volumes Shimon and thank you for this fine set of repose.

  4. These are very interesting captures. The last shot particularly caught my attention. Rock, hard and rough. The sky, peppered with soft clouds. Binaries yet both are products of nature. Nature has indeed many sides to her, just as human beings have many emotions and sides to our personalities.

  5. Beautiful poetry, Shimon. I am also glad to hear that you are well…just silent.

  6. Beautiful ruins, Shimon.

  7. Ah…so much. Thank you, Shimon, and for not diminishing the depth with words.

  8. The building may be gone, but it’s pillar of strength continues its presence.

  9. the roots of heaven – or heaven’s broken teeth?

  10. These images had a huge and immediate impact upon me….no words are necessary. In the third image the blocks have a monumental quality – so powerful against the broody sky.

    Sending love to you for the weekend…Janet. xxx

  11. So symbolic of life and human frailty.

  12. These images look heavy. The weight can be on us and our earth…. Thank you, Mr. Shimon.

  13. The strengths of stone. Subtle and clever perspectives Shimon.

  14. The blocks appear old, but obviously man made. So much rebar reinforcement makes one wonder what this degree of strength could possibly be for. Since your country goes back beyond Biblical times, these stick out like a sore thumb. I’ve had my share of those. 🙂
    Good to read you are well. Thanks for the mysterious images.

  15. Many times the silence is worth a thousand words… but there is no pure silence, because human perceptions catch also the words of images…
    Be well… and do not let the Human’s devilish subjugate your deep feeling! Carpe diem :-)claudine

  16. Rocks in their natural home speak of strength and a firm foundation. Beautiful photos!

  17. Very powerful imagery Shimon, the photographs are superb!

  18. These stones, these ruins – achingly eloquent. Thank you Shimon..

  19. Heaven’s roots: so much deeper and stronger than human constructions. Your photos are an eloquent reminder to look beyond the present, and to look beneath the surface.

  20. This trio takes on an odd sense of movement – the blocks are obviously so heavy, and meant to stay somewhere, but they’re not, and they seem almost able to get up and move away on their own accord.

  21. How interesting, the pictures and the title. Such huge pieces of concrete, something substantial for heaven to reach down into, they would hold anything!xxx

  22. The ruins of our world , our lives and sometimes our hearts …blessings to you , my friend

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