end of a long day

Oh, there were resolutions
to keep a low profile
to pace myself
to take it easy,
because nothing is so important
but yesterday
there was an inertia
that got out of hand
like a rolling thunder
and good people
whom I couldn’t say no to…
then, by the end of the day
I was simply worn out…
And found myself gazing
down the street
just like this cat here
at the edge of the day
in the light of the sun
going down

cat gazing down the street


73 responses to “end of a long day

  1. You have to learn to take things a little easier.

    • Hi there Peter. It’s really not so bad. We have easy days and hard days… and this was just one of those days. And I suppose part of blogging, is relating to the many facets of life. Let’s look at this as a ‘slice of life’.

  2. There will always be people that you can’t say no to. And then you’ll find yourself worn out at the end of the day. I know it’s not easy to say no. I haven’t quite learned how. But you should try. Maybe instead of saying no you can say “not now”.

    • I suppose that the reluctance to say no could be a difficult liability. But from my point of view, the fact that there are such people, is part of the richness of life. To be completely free would be a bit lonely. Thanks for the comment, Corina. Hope you’re feeling better every day.

  3. I try to follow my body’s instinct, to know when it will be ok to pull myself up and do something, and also when I know it will push the limit. It is a hard balance to find sometimes. I hope Shabbat will bring some rest for you

    • Yes, Shabbat is the great healer, and it was a good one. I agree with you Cee… and sometimes I do lose my balance. But I try not to fall on my face. Thanks very much for your comment.

  4. Mr. Cat, sit in the sun today and don’t answer any of these comments.

    • You’re so right, Lance. Often, when I label a post as poetry, I don’t answer comments… I figure the writing tells the whole story. There’s no need for explanations. Sometimes I don’t even open the possibility of comments. But I’ve been criticized for that. So I’m more liberal these days. And now, a few days later, I’m even answering… just to avoid misunderstandings. Thanks for the comment.

  5. But how adorable you are and how lovely the light captures your glorious shadow.

    • Yes, isn’t it wonderful when we find a cat to play our part in life… like your wonderful icon, Loisa. This shot was a classic. Thanks.

  6. Saying no to those we want to help is never easy.

    • So true, Frank. But I think it’s part of the positive part of living, that there are some people we can’t say ‘no’ to. Best wishes.

  7. This feels like me. I’ve been trying to write my book, and dig my allotment as the winter was too wet to work there, and now there’s so much to catch up with…and all the things that need doing seem to be piling up behind….seeds to be sown…Civic Society notes to write up…dust to move…people to see…phew! Deep breath. ‘Give up and you will succeed’ as old Lao Tzu is supposed to have said. Take care, Shimon.

    • Yes, it does sound as if we’re in similar situations, Tish. I am just coming out of winter myself… and it seems there is too much that has piled up on my desk. But it’s also very encouraging to see the sun shine occasionally… and flowers everywhere I look. Your quote from Lao Tzu is magnificent. I’ll go along with that. Thanks.

  8. I often sit gazing, like a cat, at the end of the day — even if I haven’t done very much at the beginning or in the middle of it. Age counts for something, you know. (Lovely picture, lovely cat.)

    • Me too, Nina. And the truth is, that the groan is worse if we haven’t accomplished that much through the day. But I agree with you about age. I’m not one to give extra credit to youth. But I often find a pleasing quality in age. Glad you liked the cat picture.

  9. One is more likely to reflect and smile on those worn out days than on easy days. The Sabbath is for rest and restoration. May you be blessed.

    • Thank you very much for your blessing, Judy. And yes, that is the splendor of the Sabbath, and I’m feeling stronger and fit this week. As for the smile, I’m always happy when I’ve strength for a smile at the end of the day. Best wishes to you.

  10. Hope the day was filled with blessing, too, and that your Sabbath will restore your energy, Shimon…I have to be so protective of my downtime, but still (especially now that the spring is here and summer coming soon) can find my calendar too filled and hours too committed…Gentle peace and sweet renewal. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much, Kitty. And just as you said, the sabbath provided much needed rest and strengthening. in telling my tale, I have to include those moments when I run out of strength… when things don’t work out as I would like them to… that too, is part of life, as are moans and groans. But as you say, there is renewal too. And it’s that much easier in the spring time.

  11. I agree with aFrankAngle: “Saying no to those we want to help is never easy.” Sounds like a good time to schedule in some down time, with nothing more on the agenda than gazing and pondering, and perhaps a bit of chasing shadows. πŸ™‚

    • True enough, Nancy. But I wouldn’t want you to get the wrong impression… to think I was breaking down from the load. It was just a down moment; a part of life; part of the ups and downs. I feel that since I’m telling my story, I have to include those moments too. And as I’ve said to others here, there is also something quite rich about having people in our lives, that we can’t say ‘no’ to. I got some rest at the end of the week, and today it’s sunny and warm, and I’m feeling quite positive. Thanks for the comment.

      • Funny that I should see your response today (on a day that I’ve been pulled in many directions by various people). Saying no to someone is not only sometimes necessary, but equates to saying yes to your own need for calm and quiet spaces. Our weather started out gray and gloomy today, but now the sun is shining, and it’s gorgeous outside. Glad to hear you’re having a good day. Sharing a smile across the miles. πŸ™‚

  12. A very nice piece of writing Shimon. Sentiments I can very much identify with!

  13. I’ve had days like that, too, Shimon. Sometimes it’s hard to say “no!” Love the shot! Great shadows.

    • So glad you enjoyed that shot, Cathy. Because, as you know, I’m a true admirer of your photography. And those days are a part of life. It has to happen every now and then.

  14. Is this an age related affliction? πŸ˜‰

    • Yeah, I think it is, Bob. Not only that, but I would say that being able to tell about it, is also connected to age. We learn to accept our limitations…

  15. Ah, Shimon, my friend, I find innui (a favorite Scrabble word and occasional condition) and inertia come upon all of us from time to time. Pushing yourself a bit and spending a day with people to whom you can’t say no bespeaks the possibility of pleasurable experiences and a time of enjoyment. Though this day was tiring, I hope that as you (and the cat) stare at the lengthening shadows, you both contemplate the soul-soothing memories formed and that those memories bring you a night of peaceful and blessed rest. πŸ™‚

    • I have to admit that I haven’t played scrabble since my children were little, and even then it was in Hebrew… but I have encountered ennui in literature, and it does sound like a great word for the game. Your description of the weariness after (to much) pleasurable experience is just what I was feeling at the time. And the rest did come, and was blessed, just as you said. Thanks so much Myra.

  16. Oh, dear, that would be ennui. πŸ˜›

    • I’m taking advantage of your correction in spelling here, to mention that I had to look up the word to know what it really meant. And it turns out that the weariness connected to that word comes from a lack of activity. It usually describes being worn out from a lack of accomplishment or excitement. So while it’s a great word to know, and especially good for scrabble, I don’t think it described my feelings that day. Thanks anyway, Myra, for adding the word to my vocabulary.

  17. These days happen to me quite often as saying “no” is very difficult for me also. But usually, the tiredness brings a good feeling of having brought a little comfort or pleasure into the life of someone else.Remember, everything happens for a reason.

    • Agree with you on all counts, Bev. But there is a big difference between a general reluctance to say no, and certain people in our lives, to whom we don’t wish to say no. As long as it isn’t a constant problem, we can deal with it. We can find a balance which includes a willingness to go along with certain conditions, even if we’re not always in the mood for them. But your last line is our consolation… that everything happens for a reason. Thanks for your comment.

  18. A great photo, and beautiful writing… I love this run-on style (I’m sure there is a name for it, but this is what I call it) and it runs me down the lines to the end of the story and I feel satisfied.

    • Thank you Angeline. Glad you liked the photo too, cause it’s a favorite of mine. And as for the writing, when we’re able to pare it down to the bare essentials… we reach the strength of the message.

  19. ‘Man plans and G-d laughs…’

  20. Just returned from Portugal and catching up…so what a joy to read your words and see this lovely image. Enjoy every moment, dear Shimon. xx

    • Thank you so much, my dear Janet. It’s spring… and the sun is shining today. I am enjoying it. And now I have to clear up a bit of overload I had towards the end of winter. xxx

  21. I know that feeling very well my dear friend! I hope today sees you rejuvenated!!! I love the photo of the cat….and your poem, I’ve often felt like just staring…..and doing nothing!xxx

    • I’m sure you do know the feeling, Dina. But after a bit of rest, I’m now enjoying the pleasures of a sunny day, and trying to deal with the pile of obligations on my desk. Looking more positive today. xxx

  22. I hope you have recovered and are doing well. I enjoyed your words, Shimon…..

  23. If inertia and weariness lead to the superb artistry of your gazing cat picture, you got something special out of it. That said, you need to do yourself a special and extra favour, spoil yourself a little and be a little less available for all those ‘retirement’ expectations of others. Go with your pace and flow.

    • Good advice, Menhir. And isn’t it strange, how retirement seems to inspire expectations of days filled with time, and no pressure. I’ve come to realize that our habits are much stronger than circumstances. And even if we leave the work we were used to, we’ll find something new to fill up every minute. But there are always ups and downs, and I suppose it’s good that sometimes the body insists on rest.

  24. That sums up a certain type of day so eloquently, Shimon. I wonder how often it is that we get out of bed with a good idea of how the day will pan out and it is the exact opposite of what you thought it was going to be like. In my experience there are a considerable number of days that start out with well planned ideas and seem to disappear in complete idleness and nothing achieved – except the crossword and the drinking of coffee.

    • Thanks very much, Andy. And as you say, plans just point in a certain direction. The way things work out may be influenced by so many chance possibilities.

  25. But yet, even just thinking about what was, it gives us the strength for the day to come .. like the little cat looking… hoping for a better dayto come!
    hugs Claudine

    • Agreed Claudine, every day brings us a new chance, and often with renewed strength. Thanks so much for your encouragement, and my best wishes to you too.

  26. Definitely one of your best photographs on the blog

  27. Sometimes you do just have to say “no” for your own good. I’m pretty bad at saying no so maybe I shouldn’t be giving you advice πŸ˜€

    • Saying no is very difficult for me too. Once in a while I succeed, but not very often. Hope it gets easier.

      • We do have to learn how to say no, when that’s what’s right. But there are certain people… and certain situations… when we just have to stay flexible. Thanks for your comment, Bev.

    • Well, the truth is, Edith, that I don’t mind that there are some people I can’t say no to. If it were all people… if I couldn’t ever say no… that would be a heavy burden. But having those special people, that’s okay for me. Thanks very much for your comment.

  28. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    it took a lot of years to learn to say no…it gets easier with practice πŸ™‚
    I love the cat photo, I think he is wondering if should have said no
    Thank you for sharing your world Shimon, Hope you are resting πŸ™‚
    Take Care…You Matter..

    • Thank you for coming by, LadyBlue. Always good to see you. Truly, there’s nothing better than straightforward communication, and mutual understanding. Seems to me that cats don’t think twice about saying no..
      Best wishes to you.

      • LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

        You’re Welcome …always a pleasure for me to wander within your thoughts, it’s like traveling without the experience of moving from my living room πŸ™‚ though I would love to visit your country, the energy must be incredible …
        my late-father-in-law loved going there…he was there before the oasis was created from the desert
        ( his words πŸ™‚ )
        I agree, with the communication and mutual understanding, its an easier and calmer way to live…
        I hope you have a wonderful peace-filled weekend, I am getting a mini vacation from the 24/7 of taking care of my mom…I’m not sure if I can stay the 4 days, but we’ll see ….if nothing else i will spend hours at the city’s plant sale LOLs..that will take me away and give me energy to last months πŸ™‚
        (and its very good to hear from you )
        Take Care…You Matter…

      • LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

        and yes cats have mastered the art of saying no LOLs…. πŸ™‚

  29. Sounds like a good kind of ‘worn out’ πŸ™‚ Beautiful words again Shimon. Love the play of light and deep shadows in the photo.

    • It wasn’t that bad, Madhu, and a few days later it was all but forgotten. That’s life with it’s ups and downs. So glad you liked the picture.

  30. It’s that end-of-day moment I so treasure. It reminds me of my grandmother, who would ease into her chair on the front porch at the end of the day — especially in summer, when there still was long light after supper — and say, “Sometimes, I sit and think, but sometimes, I just sit.”

    • Your grandmother sounds like a beautiful woman, and I’ll just bet she had a very good sense of humor. Yes, and we get older, sometimes it’s very good just to sit.

  31. I’m so glad I have a few people in my life that I can’t say no to. Lovely post, Shimon.

    • That’s the way I feel, Naomi. We have different days, ups and downs, and different sorts of relationships. How good it is when we can take a couple of steps back and look at our situation, and know that all is well. This day was a little hard. But a few days later, all was well. Thanks so much for your comment.

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