After the Sabbath



30 responses to “After the Sabbath

  1. I love the pespective in this photograph Shimon. The two points of interest forces us look from one to the other and back again.. and back again. Superb!

    • Thanks so much, Chillbrook. Back in the analogical times, I used to take great pleasure in shooting panorama. And though I have equipment that can work with any camera, plus a couple of cameras that have panoramic capability, I haven’t done much of that since I moved to digital. Lately, I’ve gotten the urge again. And I might resume that sort of work. But an added problem is that such pictures are difficult to appreciate in the cramped room of a computer screen. Still, I might share a few.

  2. It reminds me of the Buddhist line, “Before enlightenment: Chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment: Chop wood, carry water.” I remember that in my childhood, Mass and the meal we returned to were central to our Sunday’s activities and meaning…thank you for this, Shimon. Shalom.

    • The closest I’ve gotten to Buddhism, is some study of Zen Buddhism, many years ago. But I truly love the line you shared with us. That is exactly my view of the search for enlightenment. Thank you so much, Kitty, for contributing that beautiful quote to this post.

  3. I loved too this photograph, Thank you dear Shimon, love, nia

    • Yes Judy, It was a very good evening. Now we’re dealing with a rather serious winter storm here in Jerusalem. But that’s life; lots of ups and downs.

  4. Beautiful photo that tells a story…

  5. beautiful viewpoint … quiet and peaceful, and alive

  6. Makes me want to pull up a chair.

  7. That is a beautiful picture, I clicked on it to see more and it took me to flicker where I got to see lots more of your beautiful pictures….I did enjoy looking at them, and this one!xxx

    • Thanks Dina. I usually keep my blog pictures and selections on Flickr separate. Because on Flickr, the pics are organized around specific subjects. But this time, because it was a panorama, and they’re kind of difficult to appreciate in any case when viewed on a computer screen, I wanted to offer a slightly larger image. Glad you enjoyed my Flickr images, Dina. xxx

  8. Beautiful and peaceful. Ahhh!

  9. Natural, and unassuming. The beauty of ordinary time expressed through a pushed-back chair, slightly drooping flowers, and bare feet. It’s a world of comfortable familiarity. Lovely.

  10. A wonderful perspective … and quite subtle … but I noticed you aren’t willing to share any bourbon.

  11. A beauitiful picture Shimon, taken from a loving perspective. ❤

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