Georgia on my mind


Came across Georgia while visiting Janne. She was sprawled across the sofa, deep in thought… but looked up into my eyes when I looked at her, and there was that click. Who’re you, I asked her… not having seen her before… and she really looked like she belonged. ‘I’m Ilana’s friend’, she said.
Well, you look like you’ve got it made, I said. ‘Shows how much you know’, she said, and looked down at the couch. I waited, sure she was gonna tell me her story… but she was in no hurry. After some long minutes had passed, she added, ‘don’t you see the cut on my lip’.

You know, you meet someone, and there are so many ways to connect. Some folks are most attracted by looks, and others look for a similar background or taste. Some like brains, and others like heart. Sometimes you just feel some connection and don’t know where it’s coming from… Personally, I’ve always been attracted by a thinking individual. But in this case, it was purely physical. She had a beautiful white fur, and a look that went straight through you and bounced off of whatever was behind you. She edged over to me, and layed her head on my knee. It was physical. I rubbed the back of her neck with a thumb and forefinger, and then scratched her head a bit.


We didn’t get around to talking till I was taking my nap in the late afternoon. She lay across my chest, and we were breathing together in harmony. We’d gotten to know one another a bit, before. She’d rubbed my legs, to let me know she liked me, and I’d petted her a bit.

So what’s your story?, I asked her, as we lay on the sofa, listening to some country and western songs I’d chosen from my MP3, coming out of speakers that sat on the closed sewing machine in the corner. There was that relaxed togetherness that sometimes takes years… and when luck is with you, can be there instantly. She told me she’d been living in a small apartment with a six cats and a couple of monkeys, and a lot of ego… and was beginning to feel so crowded, she didn’t know how long the situation could last. It got to the point where she’d mark her territory for the other cats, and the monkeys would get insulted thinking she was drawing the line for them too. ‘Day after day of bad news’, she said. And the food was nothing to get excited about… And the music took some getting used to, if you know what I mean. And there was the smell of horse…’ she said, leaving letting the comment just sort of ride out there, not going anywhere… You mean, I asked, that there were six cats and a horse in that little apartment? ‘No horse’, she answered, as if she was already thinking of something else… it was very comfortable on the couch… I was petting her back very slowly… and she was whispering into my beard… ‘just the smell’.


Well, it turned out that Ilana was a very compassionate person, to hear it from Georgia. She took her away from the previous pad and installed her in another, where she hangs out. But then it turned out that at this new pad, the dude in charge was a cat called Charlie, who didn’t care much for Georgia from the moment he layed eyes on her. ‘He was uptight even before I arrived’, she told me, ‘because the monkeys living there had adopted this bitch named Bonnie, and she’s one of those super positive types who’re thankful for just being alive… telling you these up-beat messages, and waving her tail, drooling and licking like it was some kind of special present just for you’.

Turns out that this Charlie had been making her life miserable for the past couple of weeks… hassling her every time she left her room… It got so bad, that Georgia took a dive off the fourth floor balcony, and it took a couple of days till some monkey found her and she was ‘brought back home’. Well, I always like a happy end, I said. I was getting a little hungry by then’, she said. ‘But I’d had enough. I wasn’t going to let Charlie push me around anymore’. It could have hurt, going down from the fourth floor, I said. ‘There were some trees there… and a couple of branches on the way down’. They were happy though, to get you back, I said, half telling her, and half asking. ‘The bitch was all over me… barking with glee that I’d come back all right. I figure I still have to teach her to cool it around me. But first things first. And at this stage, my efforts are directed at Charlie. When he comes near, I just open my mouth and show him my teeth. I don’t say much, but he knows I mean it. Enough is enough’.



62 responses to “Georgia on my mind

  1. Beautiful cat…fun story…

  2. Oh dear Shimon, this is so beautiful cat and should be so lucky too. You are amazing by writing and sharing with us her story. Thank you, love, nia

    • Oh, I knew you would like this story, Nia. But all the same, it’s very good to hear from you. And I too am relieved that Georgia found her place. Best wishes.

  3. Ah, Shimon. You with the words! Why aren’t you writing books?! Such a smile you evoked with your story of your interchange with Georgia. Thank you.

    • Well, you know Myra, I’ve had a very full and good life, in another culture and another language… and I suppose that blogging today is very close to what writing books was all about fifty years ago. But I have to admit, that after my recent search for contemporary reading in English, I have had some temptation in that direction. Thank you very much for your comment.

  4. Well Georgia is one cool cat. And you are one cool story teller.

  5. What a beautiful, cool customer is Georgia! And I like her name – she shares it with the U.S. state of my birth. Thanks for a great story, Shimon. Is Georgia just visiting or has she moved in?

    • She moved in to our house a few months ago…

    • Glad you liked the story, Cathy. Actually, I ran into Georgia when I was visiting a friend, and the cat is now a close friend of the daughter of the woman I was visiting. As you can see, she has already mentioned that the cat is living with her in a reply to you. Thanks for the comment.

  6. Nice story. I’m a dog person myself though we did have a cat which no one really liked. Enjoy!

    • Yes, Lisa. I can understand why you might prefer dogs. They are much friendlier and more loyal. I like them too. And if you don’t care much for cats, there’s no reason to suffer them. I’ve lived most of my life with cats, and they just seem to fit my temperament. Thanks for your comment.

  7. Love it! Cats sure are strange people. You shared her well! I don’t recall you mentioning liking country western music. Any favorites (e-mail)?

    • I will be sure to write you of my taste in country and western music, Bob. Though most of what I listen to is old, either coming from friends, or visits I made to your country. And yes, Cats are interesting people. To me, they’re not so strange… but they’re a little different from most of the monkeys.

  8. What an enjoyable description of your connection with Georgia! You certainly are a cat-man.

  9. Ahhhhh….now I too have Georgia on my mind……What a character….and what a tumble!!!!

    Well I hope Charlie gets the message and the smell of horse fades…..and the cut gets better.

    Wonderful post and what an interesting cat. I see you truly do speak the language, rather jealous I am!!!!xxxx

    • I knew you would like this story, Dina. Right up your alley. And she has a lot of moxie in her. From what I saw, Charlie definitely got the message, but then I saw them the day after her return, and she didn’t look like she was going to take more bullying from anyone. Always such a pleasure to hear from you. xxx

  10. Shimon,
    I really like the last photo you took of this pretty cat. I also enjoy your writings, you do it so well. John

  11. did you wait with the camera ready to get that yawning picture, or was it just fortunate timing?

    • Actually, I’m a pretty lazy photographer, when I’m shooting for myself, Rich. I just took a couple of shots when getting to know her, and then tried to integrate the pictures and the story.

  12. That is a fun story of meeting Georgia! Like these pics.

  13. You have a marvellous gift………u r a cat.Miaow

  14. Very nice Shimon, enjoyed this very much!

  15. A wonderful piece of writing, Shimon. And a beautiful cat.

  16. That was wonderful…..

  17. Dear Shimon,
    You had me smiling all the way though this. One thing is certain: you know cats!

  18. Chuckle… Chuckle…

    What an absolutely delightful story! Conversation with a cat. Nothing could have worked better than that convention! And I always appreciate the role of the monkey. 🙂 Beautifully conceived and delivered, Shimon!

  19. This is their magical seduction…
    I divide my thalamus, every night, with three or four of them… (my husband is not very happy) but their soft presence gives me happy dreams!
    They’re all strays and homeless… we host seven of them (inside the house) and we give food and water to several other but they prefer to live in the nature.
    Cats are my obsession.
    But I can not imagine life without their company: as for the music, their purring is pure inspiration!
    Georgia, the white cat, is wonderful and definitely worthly a story to be told… (although I did not understand if in fact now she lives with you 😀 or if is only your great storytelling… good for a novel, indeed!!!)
    Bless you, Shimon :-)claudine

    • I agree with you, Claudine. There is something very seductive about cats… when they wish, of course. They determine the measure of closeness that they have with any other living being. But when they love you, it’s a kind of heaven. I have only one that lives with me at present, but I have many cat friends outside of the home. I met this white cat while visiting friends. She doesn’t live with me. But it was a very pleasurable meeting. Thank you so much for your comment.

  20. I loved this article. And so did Trixie and Caspurr (as you know, I am a Catwoman). Georgia is beautiful. I think Caspurr has fallen in love with her picture 🙂

    • Glad you enjoyed the post, Shimona. I know that like me, you’re a lover of cats, and please give my regards to Caspurr. It’s a shame that both your cats weren’t able to take part in the get together that day. There were a lot of delicacies there.

  21. A beautiful story about connecting. A great post. I really enjoyed reading about your conversation with the cat.

  22. That is the most amazing post 🙂 I read it twice – the second time aloud to my boyfriend, and he loved it too. Thank you so much 🙂 Your immersion in literature really shows!

  23. I loved Georgia’s story; precious moments indeed

  24. Oh, Shimon, I got a laugh out of your cat conversation once again! What a dreadful life Georgia lead! I need you to tell me what my dear cat is really saying, as I may be misinterpreting everything. And how do I find out about the 1st year of her life before I rescued her so long ago? Mum’s the word with her, but she has a deep fear of brooms so I suspect a sad tale.
    Leah x

    • Seems to me you’re right in your suspicions. But cats don’t usually remember long ago stories. They just remember the aversion. It might have been a broom, but it might just have been a stick of someone who wanted to get her out from under something. I’m sure though, that living with you, she has a good life. Best wishes to you, always, Leah.

  25. Your writing is as compelling as a very good book, Shimon. From tears to smiles and all the good bits in between.

  26. Great story-telling and very creative.

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