blood behind stones 06

local palms

neighborhood shopping center


[this is a series of the backstreets and alley ways of my neighborhood. All the photos were taken on Tuesday, May 28, 2013]

Dear readers, by mistake, I seemingly left the comments open. I have closed them, as has been my policy with this series because I didn’t think the pictures really merit discussion. Tomorrow, we shall once again address the subject of art, and I will welcome all comments. Thanks very much to all, and a special thanks to those who chose to comment while my barriers were down.


8 responses to “blood behind stones 06

  1. Shimon, I am really enjoying seeing your home. Thank you for sharing such an integral part of yourself.

  2. Such an intimate tour; I’ve enjoyed these photos very much, Shimon. Thank you.

    • Very glad you enjoyed it, Kitty. There are more pictures, which I expect will be shown next week. I left the comments open by mistake, because basically, I just wanted to share the feeling of my environs. But I do appreciate the few comments that were made.

  3. We called those “Mexican Fan Palms” when I lived in Arizona…I wonder what you call them in your corner of the ancient world….

    • I have to admit, Scott, that even in Hebrew, I don’t know the names of the different palms. I should try to correct that, one of these days.

  4. I, too, have enjoyed seeing your neighborhood through your eyes. Thanks for the photos, Shimon!