grooming Charlie


Charlie is a solid cat
he’s lived in a few places in his life
he’s lived with people and he’s lived with a dog
and knows how to take care of himself
we’ve taken walks together
he’s not insecure
not worried about getting lost
not worried about being loved
he can descend and climb the stairs
of a multi storied building
no problem
he’ll stay out all night
if he’s in the mood for romance
he knows his place in the world…
and Janne, she’s a tough lady too
she’s been living the real life
since her teens
she’s been tested, and she’s true
through thick and thin
and down and out sometimes
she didn’t lose her head
her troubles have just added
to her savvy and her soul
she’s a good friend
and nobody’s fool
and the both of them
know how to appreciate
the pleasures of life
with dignity








67 responses to “grooming Charlie

  1. What a nice tribute rendered in such warm and appropriate tones and tone too. Well composed, both. I like Janne and her solid cat. This one is classic Shimon. I love it when the gritty poet surfaces.

    • Thank you so much, George. Always enjoy sharing with you, and very glad you liked the post. I think that for me, the best thing when I’m a bit down, is to look outside of me… relate to the environment.

  2. Few, deep and sincere words to describe the human and the feline…
    Charlie is wonderful and it looks like our Arthur (Arthur), as the king of past times… we love cats, we have always welcomed them within our walls, and they remained happy to share their life with us.
    Janne reminds me of a protagonist in a novel that I have yet to finish… as coming from the “Time”, from that “dimension in the middle” which presents itself to me between fairies gates, when I write… Thanks for sharing Shimonz

    • Oh Claudine, I just love those pictures of your cats… and your children too. Your inspiration is mine as well. And what you say about Janne is very true. I have thought on a number of occasions that she could be a very interesting protagonist in a novel. Is that novel for children, or meant for adults? Thank you very much for your comment.

  3. Enjoyed your poem very much Shimon. He’s a very handsome fellow, Charlie!

  4. darkestDiamond

    I love this poem, and such a beautiful cat! 🙂

  5. Reblogged this on Rites of the Image and commented:
    There are some really lovely photos here complemented by a short poem,

  6. you’ve written a wonderful tribute to your cat!
    I always enjoy to brush our cat daily … she feels very comfortable with that – she has a certain location for the brushing ceremony near the oven …

    • Actually, she’s not my cat, Dietmar, but the cat of a friend. Unfortunately, my cat Nechama doesn’t like it when I brush her hair, and stops the whole business immediately. I’m so happy that you have a nicer more agreeable cat.

  7. I love this – the poem, the cat, the photos – and you in the window 😉

  8. I suspect Janne and Charlie are more a like then we think. They’re both tough survivors and sensitive to the world around them. Wonderful post Shimon.

    • I’ve heard all my life that our pets become similar to us. And in my case, I know I’ve learned a lot from the cats in my life. So it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see similarities. Thank you for you comment, Edith.

  9. Cheers to Janne and Charlie

  10. This is a wonderful tribute to two obviously very good friends. Thank you.

  11. Such a heartfelt description of these two friends! Thank you for this beautiful poem, Shimon.

  12. Fascinated me your words and your photographs and Janne and Charlie… Blessing them, Thank you dear Shimon, have a nice weekend, love, nia

    • Thank you very much for your blessings, Nia. It is always so good to see you. And I also had the great pleasure of looking at some of your wonderful cat pictures last night. I love the way you photograph cats (and a lot of other things too).

  13. Wonderful!!! I loved this. Here’s to Charlie and Janne….a lovely pair of survivors!xxxxx

    • So glad you liked this post Dina, and I have to tell you, that as a foreigner, there is always something new to learn… even when you think you understand. I just learned last night about the Xs. I thought someone’s keyboard had gotten stuck, and they were trying to loosen it up. But now that I know, xxxxxx to you!

  14. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful words.

  15. Cat and owner – well-matched!

    • Not only that, Gill… but unlike a mockingbird, if you let your cat out to roam around or take a nice walk, he’ll actually come back to you…

  16. I’m wondering what gritty poetry is, and then what kind of problems Janne has experienced. Nicely stated Shimon. She’s lucky to have you as a friend. It appears you have survived the blues once again.

    • Now you don’t think I’d go and tell tales on my friends, do you Bob? As for the gritty poetry, I could be wrong, but what I think George meant, was that the poetry is not in the fine language we are used to hearing from poets. If it didn’t have a tag that said poetry on it, you could mistake it for a shopping list or something like that. But she liked it. And that makes me very happy. I like to think I have an audience that understands me. Thanks for the comment.

  17. Such a human, down-to-earth, loving testimony.

  18. Very nice tribute, Shimon! Love the photographs – Charlie and Janne obviously love each other very much.

  19. Ah what a lovely poem, and tribute. And a sneaky self-portrait – nice.

  20. Here’s wishing Jayne and Charlie many more years of happiness together…..What a beautiful poem, one that brings home how much these two lovely beings are in sync with one another.
    Big hugs for Nechame:)x

    • Thank you so much, Janet. So glad you liked it. I was really in a state of joy, reading and looking at the pictures of your post ‘mindfulness’ a few days ago. It was so intensely beautiful. Aside from that, I have to tell you that I just found out what the Xs are about. Having learned your language, people expect me to understand everything, but it’s a never ending process. Had a great walk with Nechama this morning… and gave her a hug from you… xxx

  21. Two good friends…well, make that three.

  22. Such perfect verses to match this photo series. The relationship between Charlie and Janne is both beautiful and strong, the love and respect between them is obvious as witnessed by your camera lens. A beautiful piece, Shimon, loving cats as I do, this post warmed my heart.

  23. very well written and lovely pics to go with it!

  24. I couldn’t help but smile at this 🙂 Strong cats for strong people 🙂

  25. How very nice for both of them…and kind words from you.

  26. Bob, Shimon is a man of elegant sensibility with the heart of a street poet. Perhaps “gritty” was an inept description, but Shimon understood. He writes poetic prose much as the rest of us write grocery lists. He told us a great deal about Janne, everything we need to know to appreciate her life for precisely the way in which she lives it: …”appreciating the pleasures of life with dignity”. I smile when I consider how few people can manage to convey so much with so few words. The genius here is in his choice of the word, “appreciate”. “Enjoy” would have implied a kind of common mindlessness. Elegant poetry would have been ill-fitting on Janne. 🙂

  27. Janne and Charlis both look like they are enjoying themselves. Great photos.

  28. They sound like a good match…..much like an old marriage 😉

  29. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Gorgeous, is Charlie. Your words are also, Shimon. Love how you called Charlie a ‘solid’ cat.

  30. I love that first photo of Charlie, looking at you as if to say “you’re interrupting my intimate moment with Janne….go away!” LOL. He is gorgeous. If I were a cat, I know I’d like all that grooming.

    • Sometimes cats feel just that way, janina. But in this case, it think he was just curious about why I’d want to photograph the event. As for liking the grooming, I think you’ve just solved a riddle for me. I bought a special brush for my cat Nechama, and she wouldn’t stand for it. No way. I couldn’t understand it, at first.

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