gone fishing

we’ll be back soon


28 responses to “gone fishing

  1. Look forward to it Shimon.

  2. Gone fishing, eh? I do that at times … enjoy your time off, my friend … Love, cat.

  3. I hope you enjoy the quietness

  4. I’m usually told that catching fish when fishing is secondary: May you find peace in the solitude, time to grieve, comfort in your memories, and we’ll welcome you back when you are ready!

    • Well, for me the fish are an analogy… but they’re coming with great plenty, and no sooner had I taken the step to just be with myself and nature, everything started getting better. Thanks, Ruth.

  5. Joy and gentle peace, Shimon! May whatever you’re seeking swim peacefully to your lure. 🙂

  6. Thinking of you, missing your thoughts. Hope to see you back before long!

  7. priorities are called that for a reason.

  8. I’ve been doing some fishing myself lately … it takes lots of patience, the willingness to occasionally come up empty, and plenty of time to let all my thoughts unravel and rearrange themselves into patterns that allow room for growth. Even then, sometimes I need more time for fishing.

    Hope your quiet time brings you some much-needed peace, and tranquility.

    • Everything you say about fishing is quite true, from my own experience… but I have to tell you that I lead a charmed life… no sooner had I gotten in the right spot, with the right attitude, all of nature came to visit with me… bringing presents, and singing songs… That cat you see on the top of this page… that was how I felt when I decided to go fishing… and now, if you could see me… you’d know how a cat looks smiling. All is well. I am blessed. Thank you so much for coming by, N. I’ve missed you lately…

  9. Enjoy and return refreshed. Meanwhile, I hope all is well.

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