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Before presenting my proposal for a radical change in the public school system, it might be interesting to take a look at a post, written by my friend, aFrankAngle, three years ago, on the difficulty of school reform. You can read it here: on school reform
One of the things he mentions, is that the school system was designed to answer the needs of the Industrial Age. Let’s consider what we really want from schools today.


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    Looks worth meditating on…love the cat!

  3. There are some interesting points raised in that blog. After teaching in Special needs schools for so long I have noticed that they are far more willing to make radical changes and adopt new practice compared to mainstream schools, maybe because they have less to lose in terms of results, stats etc.
    That pic is beautiful.xxxxx

    • I don’t agree with all the points, but I think they’re relevant to the discussion. Some of the changes I’m about to propose will raise eyebrows, I’m sure. Thank you for your comment on the picture.

  4. I hope he/she didn’t catch any bird 🙂 Beautiful photograph… Dear Shimon, about school education system, my thought is to be free… Not any press from any platform, political or religious, or anything… In my geography nothing goes well about this, so you know, I hate to talk political and religious matters… If I talk something about this, it would be all about my country. Thanks and Love, nia

    • It is quite rare that they catch a bird, Nia. But believe me, it causes me great pain, though I realize that it’s no worse (and maybe better) than watching a friend eat chicken for lunch. I understand your reservations about discussing political subjects, and respect your position. But I’m sure you find the subject interesting.

  5. My cats are crazy about bird watching. The birds like to teas my cats.

  6. that’s a lovely photo. Beautiful face 🙂

  7. You’re getting a couple of posts ahead of me! I’m too disorganized to follow anybody, huh? I love this sharp, beautifully composed photograph. How do you achieve such sharpness and clarity? What camera/lens?
    As you know, I don’t have much opinion about education. Given the choice, I’d go with YOUR education, but I’m sure most Americans would not. 🙂 gotta’ read Frank’s blog.

    • I didn’t enjoy the start of my education at all, George. I looked at it as torture. And it is amazing to me, that eventually, I learned to love study as much as I did. I give the credit to some very good teachers I had. As for the picture, as you know, I studied photography and worked in that area most of my life, so it’s not surprising that I get decent results. But I can tell you that appreciation of images is mostly a matter of taste. And when it comes to cameras and lenses, what is important is that you learn what the tool can do. You can get very beautiful images with a very simple camera. You just have to work together with the tool in your hands, and not try to force it to do something it wasn’t made for.

  8. Okay, I read Frank’s blog post. I can tell you what’s wrong with public education: the public part. We, in the US are trying to teach everybody the same stuff and shove all the kids in each age group up the grade ladder together. In a swimming class, I doubt that the instructor would give the allotted amount of time to the instruction and then throw the whole class into the deep end together when half of them got a handle on controlling their appendages well enough to stay afloat.
    Frank is stating what has been wrong with education forever. Unfortunately, the school system is not populated by “Franks”. 🙂

    • I love this comment, George, and you will see that in my very next post, I will relate to this specific problem you have pointed at. One of the things, I’ve found most important, all of my life, is the struggle against prejudice. We take so much for granted, and have preconceived notions about so many conditions that we’ve created or perpetuated. I enjoy your thoughts, because you avoid the automatic response to things.

    • Thank you George for the kind words. Here’s a question I like to ask: Tell me something that the public runs well? People complain much about government and schools … and who runs them?

  9. Many thanks Shimon for using my past post. Wish I would have been around to participate in the timely discussion. But that’s ok .. after all, I didn’t tell you when I was vacationing.

    • Yes, I was hoping that you would take part in the discussion. But we all do need our vacations, and I am happy you had a good time, I am sure we all learned something from your post.

  10. I like your cat articles!
    maybe you can watch this video?

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