dangling legs

Nechama looking out the window, as Noga works on the computer

a study of work and rest


50 responses to “dangling legs

  1. Lovely, Shimon. It looks like a moment of what my mother used to call companionable silence.

  2. When I work on my computer my cat is always on my desk. When I play the piano she sits on a unit close by in fact, she is never more than a few feet away from me when she’s in the house or garden. Nechama clearly has similar traits. Such lovely company, cats. I like your picture very much Schimon.

    • Yes, it sounds as if we have similar relationships with our cats, Chillbrook. Though Nechama likes to go out from time to time, to take a walk. And we often take walks together. Thank you.

  3. Nechama look a picture of total relaxation in the way only a cat can. We can certainly learn much from our feline friends.

  4. One of those poses cats enjoy that causes me to laugh.

  5. Ahhh, relaxation! The image brings a smile to me and a sense of peace as well! Nechama seems a wonderful being!

  6. So lovely … so peaceful … thank you, Shimon. Love, cat.

  7. In the Olympics, Nechama would not get high marks for the balance beam with this pose 🙂

    • Neither Nechama nor I know anything about the Olympics… but that is the amusing thing about this pose… that it looks uncomfortable, but she loves it.

  8. Your cool, relaxing photo is refreshing as our area goes through a heat wave. It looks like your home is built to stay cool in warm weather.

    • Oh, I’m sorry you’re having a heat wave, though actually, I enjoy heat. My home is built of stone, so it withstands the heat very well. But aside from that, Jerusalem is on the top of a mountain, and never gets very hot. The summer is beautiful. Wishing you pleasant weather soon, Ruth

      • Our heat wave broke last night with a storm so big and close overhead that I lay in bed thinking about the time it hadn’t rained in Israel for three and a half years and then Elijah prayed for rain and it came.

  9. I love the way Nechama’s legs are dangling on the ledge. Cats are usually on guard for every possible danger; they stay poised for escape, even when at rest. This picture shows a lot of trust. She knows she’s safe, and is comfortable in her environment. She can relax. Completely.

    • You’re right, N. She’s completely at rest, in her own home, and self confident too. She trusts those around her. I’ve learned much from my cat friends, over the years.

  10. Seeing Nechama at rest just reminds me of how much I miss the company of cats

  11. what a gorgeous and serene pose by Nechama 🙂

  12. Lovely. So restful. Cats are the best at just chillin’

  13. Ah, I do love Nechama! She understands how to live well. Thank you for the photograph of her. 🙂

  14. Why do the cats love to sleep on a strange places…. Like Nechama! She is so lovely, and amazing to have a nap on there…. like an acrobat in a cirque.
    Thank you dear Shimon, seem they are busy. Blessing and Happiness to you all, love, nia

    • Ah, cats… I think they have a little of the jungle… or the forest in their blood… maybe this pose is reminiscent of the way her ancestors used to lie on a branch of a tree. She does seem to enjoy herself in these odd postures. But I used to have another cat who would sit on an armchair with his legs crossed watching TV. There are all sorts, and no doubt they are influenced by their lives with us. Thank you so much for your comment, Nia.

  15. A lovely moment. I like how Naomi Baltuck describes it.

  16. Nechama seems quite reflective!

    • Nechama has a very colorful and wide ranging personality. Like most cats, she spend a lot of time, just appreciating the world around her… but on this occasion, she was watching what was going on outside the house. There were cats playing in the bushes, and she was content to watch them. At times, she’ll go out and play with them too.

  17. One of my cats always has at least one leg draped.

  18. They do like to relax in the strangest places.

  19. A quiet, tender moment. Those sweet dangling legs are testament to a sense of undisturbed security and the obvious notion that here is one who feels completely and utterly safe. What does the name Nechama mean? It sounds beautiful. It is indeed a wonderful shot as both subjects are in their natural elements without the slightest trace of a pose. I cherish these personal glimpses into your world Shimon.

    • The name Nechama, means consolation. I was in a sad mood when she adopted me, as a very young kitten… and I saw her initiative as a sort of consolation. In fact, her name has proven itself quite true in the seven years we have lived together. I agree with you, that her pose is one of undisturbed security. As I watched her on the ledge of the window, I was thinking that sometimes, even if a person looks like he may be uncomfortable, if he or she has the right attitude, they can be very much at peace with the world. Thank you so much for your comment, Sharon.

  20. I wonder what our cats think of while taking their rest. Nechama seems so relaxed and happy 🙂

  21. I truly adore this photo of Nechama. So nonchalant and comfortable, enjoying the view outside and being a quiet companion to Noga. Reminds me of my cat, a wonderful Tonkinese of high intelligence, who would often sit in the spaces between the double-rows of books on my open bookshelf (and which she never knocked over….such delicate and careful tip-toeing), and keep an eye on me from there, watching what I was doing on my computer, or else she would sit right next to me on the desk and often place her paw on whatever piece of paper I’d be using to write letters (yes, I also used to/still engage in producing snail-mail) and look me in the eye, as if to say she wanted to put in her twopence worth in the letter. Such a human character! I miss her companionship. Lovely photo, Shimon!

    • Glad you like this picture janina. I know that you’re very keen on composition and graphics, and this seemed like a composition I couldn’t ignore at the moment. I don’t know the Tonkinese, but I love cats and have lived with them all my life, and in different stages of my life, the circumstances have been very different, and it was always interesting to see how the cats adapted. Intelligent cats are very attractive. Thanks for the comment.

  22. “dangling legs” – a good title, Nechama looking out the window, waiting for nothing, wasting time = a perfect teacher for meditation strategies!

    • Yes, there is so much I’ve learned from cats, through the years. I saw your blog post on the subject, Dietmar, and enjoyed it. Thank you for your exploration of back posts…

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