missed the signs


like a fool, I missed the signs
enveloped by music, that carried my heart and soul astray,
I missed the sounds of life
in my hypnotic trance, heralding another brand new day
I was stoned and I missed it; but watched it all blow away.


she was there by my side
and we danced to the sounds of the very same tune
like a waterfall; like a tsunami… this too was nature
and it was as clear as a man on earth, gazing at the moon
but I missed her in the wonder of rapture
we never made contact, don’t you see
I was out to lunch… and it was noon.


were there other friends by evening
did the day grow shorter as it passed us by…
burning the incense of thanksgiving… still unqualified…
and remembering her, while staring into the sky
as the sun slowly set, noticed that she was no longer by my side


52 responses to “missed the signs

  1. Gorgeous photographs and–ah!–your poem: poignant yearning, even regret…those backward glances can leave us with so many questions, can’t they? Thank you, Shimon, for providing such close-to-the-bone honesty and beauty…the pattern of light falling on the green apple made me cry…

  2. Absence can be striking, sometimes. Beautiful.

  3. A beautiful poem.

  4. A touching poem Shimon. The images are lovely.

  5. What a beautiful apple as if I have seen at first time. You captured a great photograph dear Shimon. But this is what you are, great photographer. Your poetical spirit hits me again, so touching… As if I felt myself in front of this kitchen window… Thank you dear, have a nice weekend, love, nia

  6. The top shot is wonderful! Very thought provoking.

  7. Beautiful apple! That fist photo is gorgeous… the way the light is filtered over the apple, creating dark shadows that highly contrast those that are in the light, is breathtaking. So simple, yet full of meaning; Just like your words. Wonderful post 🙂

  8. Both haunting and beautiful – the pictures so complement the words..lovely..

  9. Beautifully crafted and so heartfelt. The photos are lovely too. Thank you for sharing,.

  10. wow, what a poem – it’s words are so beautiful as are your photos.

  11. Shimon, this is really sad, but so well written. The first photo of the apple is exquisite.

  12. Shimon: To me, your poem was a beautifully-worded lament. A realization of missed opportunity; a chance at something very good now passed . . . gone forever.

    I enjoyed your photography—especially the image of the sliced apples! I love the fact that the plate has a crack and a very small chip: it makes the image “real world.”

    • You’re quite right, George… it’s a lament. And yes, what matters most to me, is the real world… which is far from perfect, as we both know.

  13. Wow, that was really really good.

  14. I love the transitioning of time throughout your poem. Very powerful words.

  15. I love the apple with the shadows. Ah, the things we notice at the setting of the sun. That is nature too. Lovely poem, Shimon. A lament.

    • Glad you liked it, George… and yes, the sunset is too magnificent to try and capture, for me… I prefer to see it reflected in the objects I relate to…

  16. This took my breath away. The words, the photos. I love the kitchen window, the filtered sunlight…I could stand there for hours looking out at the trees as the light changes throughout the day.

  17. J. Randall Stewart

    Lovely. What more can I say.

  18. Dear Shimon, this is heartbreakingly beautiful. It somehow stayed with me the whole day. The sense of loss and the single solitary apple. Sorrow and beauty captured so hauntingly in your words and photos. Thank you for such a rare sensitive piece of work…Sharon

  19. Your poem and the accompanying pictures rendered me speechless for a while, Shimon. Missed chances…at times they are meant to be to make our lives richer in a very strange way. 😉

    • You are so right, Malou. Life has so much to offer us, and often, our most important work is to understand how to accept and understand what has been given us.

  20. Beautiful touching poem! I like the interaction between light and shadow in the first picture…

  21. Beautiful images to match the powerful words of relationships. Seeing the apple and the title, at first of was thinking of ways we miss sign … we miss taste because he consume food to eat, rather than taste. Of look for the big things, yet fail to notice the beauty the detail offer.

    • so true, Frank. Much of the reason we miss things is because of preconceived notions. We are looking for one thing, and missing so many others. Thank you for your comment.

  22. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Wow. I loved the last photograph. You look to live in a beautiful place. Your words, Shimonz, they are beautiful. They fill the heart.

  23. humbling. certainly. question for you –

    these lines:
    were there other friends by evening
    did the day grow shorter as it passed us by…

    it seems as if there should be question marks here. i’m curious why there aren’t. of course, it’s not nearly as important as everything else.

    • When writing poetry, I usually try to depend on the content… don’t look for words that will make an impression, and punctuation too, can be like waving flags in the air. What I try for, is that my audience will contemplate the message without distraction. Thank you for your questions and comment. I value your visits, Rich.

  24. Beautiful again… very humbling.
    loved it.

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