inside or outside

Nechama looks in

inside or outside, hard to tell.
for I’m outside, looking in, this moment,
but limited by the structure that supports me,
to a symbolic space of outside,
an addendum, as it were,
to the nobility of the inside space.


33 responses to “inside or outside

  1. Goodness look at those sharp eyes…
    beautiful poetry

  2. Great image … and the bright spot of light is the touch that elevates the pic!

  3. Do you use the expression “looking from the outside in” ?

  4. WOW! Philosophically touches… Amazing photograph… You are both such a nice team. Blessing and Happiness, Thank you dear Shimon, have a nice weekend, love, nia

  5. I love the way the sun is warming one side of her body, and yet the side towards you, (the camera lens), is shaded and cool and dark and shadowed … and then her eyes, so green, so alive, so relaxed … contemplating the “nobility of the inside space,” perhaps? Lovely.

    • Yes, sometimes she sits near me as I work, or study… and sometimes she likes to look in on me, when she isn’t part of the scene. As you might know, cats are very insistent on their dignity, and I have the feeling that watching me from the outside, puts us on more equal standing in her eyes. Thanks as always for your comment, N.

  6. I love this, and do you know what, Shimon? My Finny and Mulligan were inside looking outward at me, yesterday, so i tried a few pictures, too! I like the way yours captured such a specific and intimate moment, the way the light outlines the plant and Nechama: so holy, and such a lovely illustration and connection to “the nobility of inside space.” Thank you for this grace, Shimon!

    • I remember a picture of Riley next to the window… and some wonderful pictures of birds… but I have to admit I have a weakness for cats, and especially liked the picture of your cats in front of a dark background. I remember your discussion of ‘outside’ and ‘inside’ cats… Nechama, is of course an inside cat… but she does like to spend a good amount of time outside. Thank you for your comment.

  7. Lovely composition of this photo. The sun shining on the outter side (outside) of Nechama’s lovely fur coat and the wonderfully soothing greenery outside. And, yes, the nobility of the inside space, where we truly are.

  8. Shimon,
    I love this elegant poem. It captures so much in those few lines.

  9. I agree with melissabluefineart – such an elegant and evocative poem. The texture of the greenery in the photo is lovely in the light. And Nechama is just beautiful.

  10. What a wonderful portrait of Nechama. She and I live in the Addendum, I think. You fascinate me with your ability to condense, with a few words and a photograph, the human condition into a benign metaphor.

    • So glad you enjoyed the post, George… and yes, I think you have quite a few things in common with Nechama. Thank you very much for your kind words.

  11. How beautiful – and perfectly paired words and imagery!!

  12. Now that school is out on break, I’m catching up with my blogging friends. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts this morning. The cat reminds me soooo much of a cat I owned (or who owned me, I’m not sure which) for over seventeen years. I enjoyed reading the poetry (and some prose) and the photos that illustrated the points. The dog, too, was delightful. You have a way with words and convey so much with just a few. Thanks, too, for stopping by my blog. It is nice to catch up with blogging friends. 🙂

    • Nice, that you have a bit of a break from school now, Helps put everything in a better perspective. Glad you enjoyed visiting this blog again, and having a read. Yes, I think that many of us who have lived with cats have had much the same experiences…

  13. This is really good.

  14. Nechama IS poetry.
    Lovely picture, Shimon.

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