on blackbird’s return

(response to shadows)


You see,
what could I add at the bottom of such verse…
to let you know I’d been here
and appreciated your words…
to let you know I sat beside you,
as the fire dwindled…
listening to those embers,
in the quiet space…
all the more quiet,
after you’d finished your words.
Even saying I liked it,
would have been an anti-climax.
The dog didn’t wag his tail.
And you didn’t notice
that I nodded my head in the dark.


33 responses to “on blackbird’s return

  1. Aah this here is bliss. You are such a wonderful poet. I love Woofs.
    smiling reading it the third time quenching my thirst of goodreads 🙂

  2. And I nod my head, half a world away, wishing you a good night, and thanking you for your verse.

  3. Beautiful, so beautiful… your poetical spirit talks through your beautiful photography. I loved it dear Shimon, Thank you, have a nice day, love, nia

  4. A poem full of spirit and emotion. Very beautiful. Thank you.

  5. Thank you very much, Jacqueline

  6. So lovely: such stillness and beauty here, Shimon…thank you so much!

  7. I DID see you nodd your head in the dark, Shimon … and I thank you … Love, cat.

  8. Very lovely and a sensitive poem, Shimon 🙂

  9. Calm, sensitive, and well done.

  10. I love the poetry … and I love the picture you use as the header here … it brings back great memories. Despite living in Israel for 9 years, I never learned to speak Hebrew particularly well, though I understood it rather better than I spoke … and I didn’t really read it at all. And whatever I knew, time has dimmed. Ah well. I remember in my dreams. Thanks for feeding my dreams.

    • I visited your country too… it was long ago… but I remember finding wonderful things there… found a few dreams there too… the love I discovered for places there… and people I met… stayed with me all my life. I still remember hiking through the High Sierras with everything I needed on my back, and stopping from time to time for a read, surrounded by the forests. It’s wonderful to get to know another country… even if sometimes we never really know what the natives prize the most. I’ve learned quite a few languages in my life… but never found anything that moves me like Hebrew… that is the language of my heart and soul. Thank you for your comment, Marilyn.

  11. I love this humble, beautifully heartfelt poem – thank you.

  12. Beautiful words marking time and place…I have heard those embers, too…and nodded in the darkness to no-one and then….

  13. A lovely poem, ShimonZ. Sometimes a nod speaks more than our words.

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