on blackbird’s return

(response to shadows)


You see,
what could I add at the bottom of such verse…
to let you know I’d been here
and appreciated your words…
to let you know I sat beside you,
as the fire dwindled…
listening to those embers,
in the quiet space…
all the more quiet,
after you’d finished your words.
Even saying I liked it,
would have been an anti-climax.
The dog didn’t wag his tail.
And you didn’t notice
that I nodded my head in the dark.


33 responses to “on blackbird’s return

  1. Aah this here is bliss. You are such a wonderful poet. I love Woofs.
    smiling reading it the third time quenching my thirst of goodreads 🙂

  2. And I nod my head, half a world away, wishing you a good night, and thanking you for your verse.

  3. Beautiful, so beautiful… your poetical spirit talks through your beautiful photography. I loved it dear Shimon, Thank you, have a nice day, love, nia

  4. A poem full of spirit and emotion. Very beautiful. Thank you.

  5. Thank you very much, Jacqueline

  6. So lovely: such stillness and beauty here, Shimon…thank you so much!

  7. I DID see you nodd your head in the dark, Shimon … and I thank you … Love, cat.

  8. Very lovely and a sensitive poem, Shimon 🙂

  9. Calm, sensitive, and well done.

  10. I love the poetry … and I love the picture you use as the header here … it brings back great memories. Despite living in Israel for 9 years, I never learned to speak Hebrew particularly well, though I understood it rather better than I spoke … and I didn’t really read it at all. And whatever I knew, time has dimmed. Ah well. I remember in my dreams. Thanks for feeding my dreams.

    • I visited your country too… it was long ago… but I remember finding wonderful things there… found a few dreams there too… the love I discovered for places there… and people I met… stayed with me all my life. I still remember hiking through the High Sierras with everything I needed on my back, and stopping from time to time for a read, surrounded by the forests. It’s wonderful to get to know another country… even if sometimes we never really know what the natives prize the most. I’ve learned quite a few languages in my life… but never found anything that moves me like Hebrew… that is the language of my heart and soul. Thank you for your comment, Marilyn.

  11. very good poem

  12. I love this humble, beautifully heartfelt poem – thank you.

  13. Beautiful words marking time and place…I have heard those embers, too…and nodded in the darkness to no-one and then….

  14. A lovely poem, ShimonZ. Sometimes a nod speaks more than our words.

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