rolling around


I live with a man, you know.
It’s not perfect, but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.
He’s fairly intelligent, but sometimes…
he looks so stupid… when he doesn’t understand.
He likes order.
I don’t have to mention…
everyone knows… I’m a very clean person.
But he mixes up cleanliness with order.
and doesn’t realize… that order, is HIS order.
we squabble sometimes.
he has a Persian rug.
it’s perfect for stretching my legs…
for holding on by my fingernails…
and giving myself a goooood stretch
but he wants that rug to last forever.
always telling me, don’t scratch the rug
you would think the rug was more important
than me? than him?
than the bird I brought him as a spring offering…?
That’s why, sometimes…
I just have to leave the house
and roll around in the dirt
He never joins me, you know…
he’s too stiff



38 responses to “rolling around

  1. Oh, I so love this read … bless you and and your little man … so precious … so precious … Love, cat.

    • So glad you liked it, cat… but just for clarification… the words are coming from my cat Nechama, and the man is me… not such a little man… in fact, a rather big monkey.

  2. I like Nechama’s philosophy.

  3. You do know cats! A really fun post, Shimon.

  4. Lovely Shimon, this made me chuckle. I can just imagine my own cat having these very same thoughts. Replace rug with my favourite armchair and it’d be spot on.

    • I suppose that most cat friends know exactly what I’m talking about. A friend of mine wrote, “people don’t own cats… they are the cats’ staff”.

  5. Lovely Nechama, you know how much I love cats as your owner. We are both a cat lover… I think you exaggerated about him. He is a perfect cat lover and person… And so wisely he writes… I think you haven’t read his beautiful articles. Don’t you see what amazing photograph he captured, you are eternal now in your photography. But in his heart too. Be sure, Thank you for this lovely poem, but be just for next time… 🙂 Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

  6. A wonderful journey into Nechama’s mind … which seems very similar to most cats.

  7. there’s nothing like ” a goooood stretch” I think we all do well for one of those, however I’m not convinced by rolling around in the soil!!

  8. Just lovely: purrrrrfect, even!

  9. I brought a beautiful handwoven rug back from India. My charges, Mr. Darcy and Shasta, were so grateful for the gift. It was as if they had just been waiting for a thing of beauty to see how quickly they could shred it. When I put it in a back room and closed the door, they both became indignant. This morning, I, too, woke to the gift of a headless mouse on the floor next to me. What would we do without our housemates?

  10. Our animal companions are wonderful for helping us see a different perspective, aren’t they?
    Shimon, it was so good to hear from you on my website again. Thank you for your comments and the generosity that comes with them. I am grateful for your friendship.


  11. Cats, you have to love them, I like your view of his thoughts, most certainly spot-on 😀

  12. wonderful Shimon, the words and the photos. The top photo is wonderful – I see it as a future painting. PS It is never too late to start yoga 🙂

  13. Thank goodness you don’t have this installed – ! 😉

  14. Your post made me smile. Thank you. I would love to meet Nechama one day. And you too, of course.

  15. Nechama is a wise cat.

  16. I’ve just been reading backwards, well moving backwards, that is, catching up on your posts and poetry, and am thoroughly enjoying every line and every image. I get swept up in your words; you are such a wonderful writer. I am stopping to comment here because I just love reading about Nechama. I have two cats myself (Atticus and Serafina), but I also volunteer once a week in animal shelter in a room with cats who have special needs (one cat is blind and deaf for example, another has severe asthma, two others are blind, another is paralyzed from a gun-shot wound, etc.) I actually have a separate blog about these cats, hoping to bring some attention to the good work being done at the shelter and hoping, too, that one day, one of the kitties might actually be adopted. What strikes me when I see Nechama rolling around in the dirt is how wonderful it is that she has the freedom to do that. How wonderful she can go out and explore, and how wonderful she has a home to go back to. How wonderful that she has such a loving and understanding companion in you! Knowing that simply warms my heart.

    • Thank you very much, Lemony, for taking the time to visit my blog. It makes me very happy that you were able to enjoy the read. I can certainly identify with your work to bring help and comfort to these suffering animals in the shelter. And yes, I too feel that it was a matter of great luck that I was born in such circumstances that allowed me to appreciate life, and develop a few talents… and the same goes for my cat. It is good that we acknowledge that it could have been very different… and terrible. Good to hear from you.

  17. I love the humor in this. You have a very wise cat.

  18. This was wonderful, and so true… our perspective of neatness, order, value, and purpose. With five cats living in our house I think most days we have succumbed to their rules! 🙂

    • I’m so glad you liked it Josie. I have lived with cats all of my life; sometimes a number of them, and sometimes just one… and now, though I am actually living with just one, there are quite some cats in my vicinity, and I have close friends among them. Here in Jerusalem, we have many street cats that are part of the population, and people are usually very kind to them, and respect them. They are independent, and a part of our history. You asked on my about page, how I got together with Nechama. She adopted me when she was just a kitten. She grabbed my ankle as I was taking a walk, and wouldn’t let go. That was seven years ago, and we have gotten closer and closer over the years.

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