looking up the path


they say that such paths lead to the big monkeys… they call themselves humans… but you have to be careful, my son. There’re all kinds. Some are delightful… and some you’d rather not know…


29 responses to “looking up the path

  1. Very insightful post. The path, littered with trash, leading to the big monkeys.

    • Yes Angeline, you got the point exactly… the cat, such a clean animal, must have many reservations about the behavior of the monkeys. Thank you for your comment.

  2. I love this one, Shimon. There are so many layers here. What a clever illustration too. Be careful, my son. Yes. Be very careful, Boy.
    Thank you for the commentary. It stuck.

  3. So much truth in so few words. You are a master.

  4. wow … as usual, you’ve taken the simple and ordinary, and uncovered the intensely insightful, and truthful, and done so in a way that is evocative of sorrow, and celebration, and even, in this case, a cautionary warning

  5. Short and sweet. I admit initially focusing on human behaviors, the insight of others here expanded my limited thought.

  6. reminds me of a quote during an interview on “60 minutes.” ed bradley asked bruce springsteen about having grown up so poor but now being so wealthy. springsteen said, “i’ve lived on the riches streets in the country and the poorest streets. and there’s assholes on every block.” that was back in the 90’s. i was surprised they didn’t bleep out “assholes.”

    • I like that quote, Rich. I remember enjoying some of his music when he was at his height, but I never got to know the person behind the music. What he says, is very true, though. And I can vouch for it. As for the bleeps… I always found that very amusing about the American media. It never happened here.

      • if you want a good laugh that’s also a poignant commentary on the state of american television, watch all 7 minutes of the video clip on this page:


        yes, in america, no curses, but plenty of blood and bullets and bodies exposed. although, a curse in that context is harmless. i can’t watch anything with my daughter without sexual references though. if you take the words/sentences apart, it’s harmless. but the innuendo is annoying, and i’m just waiting for the questions from my 14-year old daughter.

        • I loved that video clip. Had a good laugh all the way through. Thank you very much, Rich. I have two daughters, already in middle age now… raising their own children… but I can tell you, when a parent, I found that children only understood what was going on (for themselves… or for others…) when they were ready. Best wishes.

  7. Wisely written… I love cats as you dear Shimon, Thank you have a nice and enjoyable new week, love, nia

  8. Wonderful Shimon…from the perspective of small kitties, can just imagine how this can be true and often wonder how the wildlife think of us “big monkeys” 🙂

    • thank you very much Robyn. I think we monkeys take ourselves much too seriously, while playing pranks on the rest of creation… I talk to my fellow human beings… and to many of the animals in my environment… and it seems we have much in common.

      • I do the same ShimonZ. More in common than most would care to believe 🙂 Also agree – we take ourselves too seriously…life is meant to be fun it seems!

  9. truer words never spoken! I am glad I read this today sir

  10. That’s some good advice Shimon. I hope cats and animals everywhere remain vigilant.

    • Thank you, Susan… and yes, we keep longing for a better world… one that is simpler… especially in our relations with our fellow man. But I suppose we have to learn to accept much as it is, but to be careful.

  11. Truly a time when a photo is speaking 1,000 words.

    • Hi there, Genie. I heard that expression many years ago, and as a photographer, I believed it was true. I also learned that a lot of our active brain is devoted to understanding visual impressions, so it all made sense. But over the years, I have come to realize that just as its true that a photo is sometimes worth a thousand words, sometimes just a few words can’t be expressed in any other way. Thank you very much for your comment.

  12. Ahhh, I see the cats in your tales also have wisdom for us to consider. Sometimes an outside perspective is a good thing!

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