the hill top boys


What I love about her
isn’t what most see, when she walks by
that’s the pleasure of our intimacy
both the passion, and the way she makes me cry

she’s crass and she’s rude
and she’s pushy when she’s in a rush
she can be mean too, when in a bad mood
But she’s a sucker… and lost in a crush

I’ll celebrate her birthday all the same
we’ll eat steaks, grilled on charcoal embers
I’ll lift up my glass, and call her name
it meant something different once, I remember

but together we’ve gone, through good times and bad
I see my faults in her reflection
and when I see them, I get real mad
yet still, I feel that old affection


37 responses to “the hill top boys

  1. I’m jealous

  2. Thank you for sharing your gift … the gift of detecting something positive in everything … teach me and I will learn from you … just returned from a class reunion with (no affection) …

    • Thank you, Cat… there are some circumstances, where we feel that the issue is closed… nothing more to give or take. I imagine that a class reunion could be very uninspiring. Maybe you can skip the next one…

  3. This is great poetry of feelings and life.

  4. Much of life is outlook, and in my short time here, your outlook returns bountiful gifts to yourself. Well done.

    • Thank you very much, Frank. It is easy to be carried away by emotions, and so some people put up walls to protect themselves. I too have a weakness there, but try to keep a balance between the emotions and a rational awareness.

  5. This is a good poem Shimon. Really nice.

  6. What a beautiful poem… I read it again and again… Your poetical lines capture me… This is the beauty of your heart and soul… You are great dear Shimon, but not a surprise for me, because I can always feel your poetical spirit in your words… Thank you, have a nice day, with my love, nia

  7. It’s a lovely poem. Words of life and eternal love.

  8. As personal as these lines are for you, they are made personal to me by how they touch internal chords. Thank you for sharing the sentiments in verse. Please tell me a few words about the photo.

    • Thank you Lance. When enjoying the artwork of others, I’ve often found that though their context was different from mine, it was as if they’d been reading my mail… because the work of art is to grab a hold of something that goes beyond our personal problem or joy. I made this picture around the start of the new millennium, which was a short while after I’d switched to digital photography. I always like finding a story in art, and often when I photograph, I’m trying to tell a story too. This time, it was a bit like the sort of story that Mark Twain might tell. After switching to digital photography, I bought the very best equipment on the market… but I still felt uncomfortable with the medium. And then, one of my sons brought me a present… a very simple digital camera… without even a monitor in the back of it. I had no expectations, so I just went according to intuition… and did a series that I called ‘impressions’. I was quite pleased with the work, and this picture was one of those I loved the most.

  9. Wonderful photograph and I love the generosity of spirit, the human authenticity of the poem, Shimon, Just a treat to read and see; I needed this! Thank you.

  10. Having irrationally loved the same man for over fifty years, I can only imagine the bittersweet memory that could inspire such a lovely poem. Well done.

  11. This is just so lovely. The image and how it shifts according to each stanza was right on the money

  12. Sometimes love doesn’t give us any choices.

  13. I just love this poem Shimon – it’s so full of emotion and you’ve presented it eloquently and tenderly. What I also admire is that you’ve written something so beautiful, and English isn’t even your first language.

  14. What beautiful words full of great sentiment. I’ve been fencing my courtyard in and I think it is about as rocky as your city! 🙂

    • Glad you liked the poem, BoJo. That sounds like a lot of rocks… maybe you can find some way to take advantage of them… you know, we use them to build our houses… maybe a fence… Thank you very much, for your comment.

  15. I love the poem did you wrote it Shimon?

  16. Beautiful. It sounds like a forever love. Sigh!

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