too sensitive

[I’ve posted this already…
but today I read something that reminded me,
of this subject again…]

I once had a girlfriend
more sensitive than me
whom I loved with all my heart
I still ache when indulging
in her memory

and she questioned me once,
an aside in a conversation
if I could empathize with another’s
reason-less ache of trepidation

I smiled at her
most impatiently…
asked her if it was a test
or just for her ever-growing information
teased her about it, when not at my best
knowing it was she, who held her breath
in the certainty of her annihilation

and afterwards…
when a friend or a lover
would step on my toes
in the intimacy of our common fate
I’d give thanks to my creator
that it was I who felt the blows
and not the other who bore the weight.


28 responses to “too sensitive

  1. very compelling verse. thank you for posting.

  2. Poignant, beautifully written. I feel the tension in this poem; it is better to feel emotion than none at all. You’re wonderfully talented Shimon.

  3. Wow! This is really beautiful. It reminds me a little bit of Robert Frost.

  4. Thank you for your thoughtful, meaningful words.

  5. this was beautifully crafted
    and your words spoke softly
    especially about bearing the weight
    of the blows, and being grateful

    something you said in your comment
    helped me recognize that I’m on the verge
    of abandoning my sister, and it is that knowledge
    that has her clinging to me so desperately

    better to have seen the truth now
    before having inflicted the damage
    I still have time to find
    the compassion, and the love

  6. it is sensitively-written verse by someone aware–the awareness being the vinegar in the wounding. As regards being ‘too sensitive’, the words of C.P. Snow come to mind: “What happens to us is what we want”.

    • On some occasions, I would agree with him… but sometimes we get what we feared most… and sometimes, lightening out of the blue. This life is so filled with surprises… some of them quite cruel… I doubt that I’ll ever understand. Thank you very much for your comment.

  7. Beautiful, Shimon. Very touching.

  8. Some people lack sensitivity and some are too much so..somewhere in the middle would be good..Lol! Thank you for sharing..

    • You’re right, Roberta… but since we can’t change human beings… how good that at least, we can navigate our own hearts… a little, at least.

  9. So beautiful… I loved it dear Shimon, Thank you, with my love, nia

  10. Being carefull with each other is the key. Greetings, my friend.

  11. There’s a gentle charingness to this poem that has made me smile.

  12. This is a very tender love poem.

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