people around the table

the window as seen through a glass of wine

sorry there’s not much time for cyberspace these days…
the time rattles by, as if in an old jalopy on a rutted dirt road in the woods
we hold on to our seats, hoping that the inertia will get us past
the potholes on the way…
more pictures than the little notes I shove into my shirt pocket
so I’ll remember… and then forget what they were meant
to remind me anyway…
more pictures than can be shoved into a blog…
but part of the impression, anyway,
as our old jalopy bounces our behinds
right out of our seats…
just this passing moment, to yell hi through the window
I’m thinking of you, aint I,
or wouldn’t have sent you this note
though if you were here, you could have taken part
in the wine and cheese
your comments will be answered later

he works on the computer, he’s intelligent, has a good sense of humor, and tries to view the world rationally…

she’s an artist… a student of life… she’s learning Chinese astrology right now

she draws more precisely than a camera can take a picture… a source of wisdom to her friends…


24 responses to “people around the table

  1. Feeling at home while reading this, Shimon … many things going through my mind right now … worried about my mumme, now that dad is gone … my home is not where my heart is. Where is home, Shimon? Love, cat.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the post, Cat. You know, I’ve often thought of the story of the garden of Eden as a parable on the universal experience of children growing up in the comfort and protection of their parents’ home. We eat without having to work for it; we can run around naked… but there comes a time when we have to build our own home. Your real home, is the home you build for yourself, whether as part of a family or as an individual. Right now, you’re in a period of change, especially with children growing up, and your father passing away. So it might be harder. But I’m sure you will make a good home for yourself, and I wish you nothing but happiness, my dear Cat.

  2. Oh the elegance a simple post can provide.

  3. and following the previous poem about holidays makes this a “homey” place to be.

    • Yes, this is really about the same evening as the previous post. The holiday lasts a week, and I’ve been in different places and with different people almost every day. But there is a feeling of being at home with friends. I regret I don’t find the time to share more of the experiences and the pictures.

  4. Amazing shot at the table with the reflections… Wonderful sharing, Thank you dear Shimon, have a nice and enjoyable day, with my love, nia

    • I’m sure you would have enjoyed a lot of the little trips I took this week, Nia. Yesterday, I was in a small town south of Jerusalem, and saw some beautiful things. Unfortunately, because of all this activity, I have less time to blog. Thank you for your comment.

  5. I’m absolutely one with ‘Frank’: “Oh the elegance a simple post can provide”. the gathering of friends is greater than rubies and diamonds and gold.

    • Thank you very much, Lance. As you well know, in art. Sometimes a few strokes can say more than many… it is hard to stay true to the essence. And yes, getting together with friends has been a great joy.

  6. This is a lovely post and your photographs just round it all up into a wonderful bundle of joy. Thank you.

    • The holiday has brought me a lot of happiness, Jacqueline. Though I’ve been driving a lot, and visiting with people, and staying up late, it has been wonderful. Thank you for your comment.

  7. I like that you are drinking Yarden..if you have to go Kosher, go well my friend 🙂

  8. What a lovely post. I feel like part of the family!

  9. Shimon, I love what this post stands for. Written from the heart in such a beautiful way. A lovely insight into your life. Simply beautiful.

  10. Home is where the Heart is.. Your thoughts are always appreciated!

  11. I hope you are enjoying the ride in that bumpy jalopy. Aren’t the views wonderful?

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