when she’s happy


When she’s happy, she closes her eyes… and listens to the music, without moving a muscle. If I didn’t know her, I might think that she was a sleep, but she is completely awake, and aware of all that is around, enjoying the warmth of the sun coming through the window.


When first I returned, she was very expressive in her welcome. She left nothing unsaid. But now, like a cat… she doesn’t drag things out forever. She is back to living life and enjoying the good. And listening to ‘Bouncing with Bud’ can be a calm experience when you’re a cat… and you like Keith Jarrett. Ah, how nice it is to be at home, after a good trip.


4 responses to “when she’s happy

  1. Such a beautiful and peaceful post.

  2. You have such a wonderful relationship with your cat, it is true that they get all of their commentary out and then quickly return to routine, never being ones for much drama. It is easy to see that she is very content and very much at home with you, such a good friend!

    • I’ve lived with cats all my life, and gotten along with them very well. Of course, it was a little different when we were a family unit, and there were little children who loved to play with the cats as well. I think that now that I’m old, the relationship is different… maybe even better. But each cat was an individual, and we have to learn to adjust to one another. Thanks for the comment, Josie.

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