enjoying nature

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve gone off. Left the city, in the hope of communing with nature. What I was looking for was peace and quiet. Which for me, means taking walks in the forest, or the gentle hills of the Galilee, reading, and eating very simply. I might listen to some recorded music now and then… but haven’t yet. What I’ve been listening to mostly, this week, are the sounds of birds and crickets, and the howls of the jackals as the evening approaches. All of these, are sounds that I truly love. Especially the sounds of the jackals, who call back and forth from different places in the hills. As evening approaches, more and more of these animals join the chorus. And sometimes in the late evening, they’ll burst into song all together, and it fills the night air, and sounds like an enormous ingathering. The jackal doesn’t have such a good name. He is known to attack the more placid animals, sometimes ganging up on the sheep. But when you get to know them, they don’t seem vicious at all, In fact, they have their own grace. They are the coyotes of this area of the world.

near my cabin hideaway

Walking in the village today, I saw a prefabricated little house. It was charming really, with little windows, and a nice old fashioned door that looked like it was made of wood. But closer inspection showed that it was made of some synthetic material, which was no doubt, very strong, and resilient to the elements. It seemed as if it was being used as a warehouse, to store things in, for the people that lived in a rather modern house next to it. But looking at this very little house, I thought how comfortable I would be to live in such a house … at the edge of a meadow, say, with a forest stretching out behind me.. It could be a very comfortable sort of minimalist existence. If not a home for me in my old age, than at least a regular summer getaway. It appealed to my fantasy.

But even in my rented cabin, where I actually am staying, which is fully equipped with most of the comforts of modern life, including running water, electricity, and a large refrigerator which has been pretty empty so far, and an automatic tea pot, etc., I have been dealing with the minor discomfort of a bad connection to the internet. Along with my little mini computer, which goes with me everywhere, I also have a cellular modem, which works something like a cell phone, and when I can’t get wifi wherever I happen to be, I can whip out the modem, and am immediately connected to the internet. So here I am, out in nature, and enjoying simplicity with a big smile on my face, and after a couple of days taking pictures, I try to upload a few, and I start getting some weird messages from my computer… Wow, what a pain.

It wasn’t a complete surprise for me. Not long after I had settled in here, I checked my mail. The modem has a little light that usually blinks at me as it works, and its color is blue. But here, for some reason, it was blinking green. And when trying to check the latest posts of some of my blogging friends, I was surprised to see how long it took for their web pages to materialize on the screen. I have to admit, it kind of grated on my nerves. I thought maybe something had gone wrong with Explorer, and so closed that, and tried Google Chrome. But it wasn’t any better. And when I checked out my favorite web site for news, the pictures took forever to actually find their way to the screen. What a drag.

I reasoned with myself. I have everything I need here. The computer works fine, and I can work on my photos, and even use the mail. And not only had I wanted to get away from my normal routine, but to rest in the bosom of nature. Wasn’t it a bit much, to insist that that bosom come equipped with high speed internet? What was I, a spoiled post modern citizen of the world? Well, I tell you, it was a close one. Thank god, I had reason on my side. But all the same, I have this photo of the little house… and every half an hour or so, I try to upload it. Sometimes I get a message that I’ve lost the party on the other side… and sometimes I just get impatient and hit the cancel button. But I have managed to upload one of the pictures, from my walk last night. And I have this other one, of a pomegranate that ripened on a tree till it split apart, and now it’s food for the birds. Too bad I didn’t catch it in time. I love pomegranates. I could have eaten it for breakfast.


4 responses to “enjoying nature

  1. I think your writing is so fantastic; it’s a “live” documentary of another person, living in another land, discussing things that I can relate to (technology, personal documentation of one’s life, philosophical thoughts). Your posts continue to be a refreshing contrast to the urban life I lead in the American midwest.

    • Thank you so much Chris, for your kind words. It is a pleasure to share my experiences with you… and I feel like you do… we are truly living miracles… able to share with people around the world, and there is something new to learn, all the time.

  2. “Wasn’t it a bit much, to insist that that bosom come equipped with high speed internet?” so true. Reminds me of the Louis CK joke, “Everything’s amazing and nobody’s happy.” Here’s the video link but I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until you get back home to watch it 🙂

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