my first scones

Yesterday was a fast day; the 9th day of Av. Every year, we mourn the destruction of the holy temple on that day. And remember too, all the hardship and misers of being exiled from our country for some 2000 years until the rebuilding of our land. Of course, there were some Jews who stuck it out through the years. They were a few hardy souls. But most of us were scattered across the world…

When we fast, we refrain from food and drink for 25 hours, starting with sunset, and finishing the next day, after the sun has set, and one can see three stars in the sky. No water. In the summer, it is a sobering experience. But in certain ways, it is good too. Good not to have mixed feelings; to go all the way with the emotions, and focus on a subject with that sort of intensity.

This year, I decided to break the fast at its end, with scones. I have heard about their existence for years. But never encountered them. Never even seen them. And after seeing a picture of them from my friend, Walrus, I was sure that this was a food I would like to try… preferably at tea time. But where would I find them? When my friend Kathryn offered a recipe, I decided to make them, and to have the pleasure of eating them as my first food after fasting. In the picture, posted above, you can see the freshly baked scones, with butter and marmalade, and a tall glass of borsht, with a little sour cream mixed in. That is what I ate, at the conclusion of the fast. The scones were delicious. Different somehow, from what I’d imagined. But I’m sure that they will become common at my table. Another pleasure that I’ve discovered through blogland.


4 responses to “Scones

  1. Your first attempt at making scones? How well did they turn out! I am so glad you enjoyed them. Here in Scotland we have different flavours – plain scones which we serve with homemade jam and cream, cheese scones and fruit scones, made with raisins and currants. We serve them with morning coffee or afternoon tea.

  2. You are brave to try making your own scones! I can’t seem to get a biscuit to come out right. They look lovely!

    • Thank you Bobbi Jo. I’ve never been intimidated by preparing food. Sometimes you have to play with it a bit, if it doesn’t come out all right on first try… but you can soon get the feeling for it. Thank you for your comment.

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