to a virtual friend

Lonely in Sodom

Haven’t gotten it yet
haven’t figured it out
that I be in heaven
and walking around
I’d rather be dead
and under the ground…
that was easier to understand
than to be disembodied
and part of a band
of virtual people
in this limbo land
where you can’t share a drink
or shake a friend’s hand

If I’d met you when I was alive
we’d have had a few drinks
in some pleasant dive,
and I’d a’ taken you home,
and played you some jazz
you’d a’ seen my room
with its countless books
and the view from the window
and the potted plants
and the photos
and paintings
and sketches too
the smell of sandalwood probably
the round table where we eat
and you’d a pissed in the loo.

Disembodied, I hadn’t a chance
in the night
went visiting your sight
through the back pages
of your poetic contributions.
found your heart
and stumbled cross your brain
couldn’t find your kidneys
or a sign if you were insane

But you’re a poet, man
and I wish I were alive
to celebrate discovering you
to hear your voice in my ear
to see the depth in your eyes
to share the same space
to breathe the same air
to eat some food together
while we bare our souls
in the stratosphere.


10 responses to “to a virtual friend

  1. Indeed a delightful rumination, Shimon. What I’m experiencing now is the strangely pleasant camaraderie of conversations silently held, drinks sipped from glasses clinked across 5000 miles (raises her glass of ‘Jack’ in salute), and hands clasped in warm absence. Weird, yes, yet having a new and different potential for beauty.

  2. So beautiful, so touching… I loved it. Thank you dear Shimon, do you know actually I was a poet before being busy with my camera 🙂 One day I lost my poetical spirit and I stopped writing poems… Even I have a blog for this… but!
    with my love, nia

    • Thank you for sharing the poetry blog with me. I’ll have to check it out. It is very hard to write poetry in a foreign language… and harder still to translate. There are poems that I have written in my own language, and was unable to translate. But this poem was inspired by the miracle I felt in making friends by way of the internet. Thank you for your comment, Nia.

  3. Ah, I know it is not easy to write a poem in another language except if it comes originally in this language… You are welcome and Thank you, poetry was/is my first love before my camera… 🙂 Have a nice day, with my love, nia

  4. You are a Beat Poet! And a fine one too. Yep, you captured the essence of this other plane on which we try to live. It is a strange place. No firm handshake here. I understand just enough about you to know that we shared firm handshakes when we were alive. And our preference for the scent of sandalwood. The books, sketches, photographs, paintings, and that view from the window. They exist in a dream. Yes, dead and buried under the ground is easier to understand.

    • Thank you so much, George. When I first learned English, I was overwhelmed by the weight of the language, and the power of the literature. It was when I discovered the Beats, that I first felt I could take part in a way. It is a great pleasure for me to make friends with you here in cyberspace, and I do feel that there is an understanding between us that is inexplicable, and I revel in it.

      • I agree, Shimon. I am constantly surprised and delighted to discover your thoughts and how they are my thoughts too. So different and so far apart. There is nothing to explain this connection. Shared humanity, I suppose. Or a shared previous life….if you believe in it. I simply do not know. What I do know is that I understand your words as if they were my own.

  5. I took the afternoon off and finished piling firewood. Got it covered and went down to the river with a beer. It began to rain so the dog and I came up to the house. Feet up on the coffee table. Beer nearly empty, but there are a couple of more in the fridge. It’s Friday night. I’m very pleased to have met you this week Shimon… the virtual connection sadly lacks gesture, wordlessness and nuance – HOWEVER – it certainly provides a door and a view, that we can be grateful for.

    Cheers, Chris

    • Thank you very much, Chris. Yes, there are limitations to our meetings… but there is the miracle too, that reminds me of a science fiction story I read half a century ago… in which two friends meet in a hologram. As I read it, I hoped that someday it would happen, even though I didn’t really believe it… and what’s happened is pretty close to that vision.

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