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Sitting with Rivka last night, after the holiday, enjoying the last traces of the holiday atmosphere, we talked about giving and receiving, and I learned something from her, that I thoroughly enjoyed. She was saying that when our cup overflows, it is easiest, to give a present from the overflow. But that when we have to take something out of our vessel to give to others, that is more difficult, and requires a certain consciousness, that must be learned.


4 responses to “a thought

  1. I think, Rivka made a nice point for this giving and receiving. I have never looked in this way… About giving and receiving, I think all my life I can say I didn’t think of the other side, I mean the receiving part… Giving is something like to feel yourself as an angel… I know, this makes me so many times sad too, because I can’t be a real angel… I have my (human)limits… But this is me… kindness is an endless way for me… Of course normally they work together, giving and receiving… Anyway, this was nice to think about. Thank you dear Shimon, Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

    • Rivka is my daughter. She already has grown children of her own, and runs a Montessori kindergarten, where she tries to bring out the best in young people just starting out in live. We often discuss our ideas on these subjects which mean a lot to both of us. In our culture, an angel has an inferior position to that of a human being… so I wouldn’t feel so bad about not being an angel, Nia. There was a wonderful film on the subject, made in Germany, and called ‘Angels over Berlin’. You might like it if you could find it. Thank you for your comment.

  2. I think you are talking about “Wings of Desire”, directed by Wenders and written by Peter Handke…. It was so beautiful film that I’ve ever watched. This is so nice to remember it. Thank you dear Shimon, With my love, nia

    • Yes, that is the picture. I was translating the name from Hebrew… and that is how I made the mistake. But that is the movie picture. And I am glad you liked it. I liked it too. It made a big impression on me.

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